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Martyr AD

6/13/2019 Back To School Jam 2019 lineup takes shape
10/30/2017 Eighteen Visions, Martyr AD mini-tour
3/27/2017 This Is Hardcore 2017 announced
4/17/2005 Martyr AD officially breaks up
4/16/2005 Martyr AD breaks up?
2/20/2005 Agnostic Front, Martyr AD, etc. tour
2/11/2005 Martyr AD and Dead To Fall dates (Europe)
8/17/2004 Martyr AD completes new video
8/8/2004 Stretch Arm Strong tour schedule
3/8/2004 Walls Of Jericho, Martyr AD, etc. tour
11/14/2003 Martyr AD set to enter studio
8/27/2003 Martyr AD news and notes
5/5/2003 Martyr AD news and notes
12/3/2002 Martyr A.D. looking for new drummer
8/13/2002 Martyr AD looking for new vocalist
6/25/2002 Martyr AD drops off 18 Visions, ETID tour
6/12/2002 Martyr AD welcomes new drummer
6/3/2002 Martyr AD to tour w/ ETID, 18 Visions, etc.
5/17/2002 Martyr AD signs with Victory Records
4/14/2002 Martyr A.D. news and notes
11/9/2001 Martyr AD drummer controversy
11/6/2001 ETID drummer bails out Martyr AD
9/26/2001 Martyr AD parts ways w/ drummer
9/5/2001 Martyr AD and ETID tour schedule
7/31/2001 PTW, Martyr, etc. tour taking shape
7/17/2001 PTW, Martyr, God Forbid, Unearth tour
5/12/2001 Throwdown and Martyr AD tour
4/23/2001 Martyr AD to tour with Throwdown
3/6/2001 Martyr AD and Burnt By The Sun spring tour
2/2/2001 Martyr AD conquers Minn radio
1/23/2001 Martyr AD endure van mishap
12/15/2000 Skycamefalling and Martyr AD tour
12/14/2000 Martyr A.D. record release show

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