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Martyr AD drummer controversy

(With a Tom Brokaw voice...) It seems there is quite the controversy going on regarding the drummer situation for Martyr AD. As you now know, Ratboy from Every Time I Die is sitting in on drums for Martyr during their current U.S. tour with The Haunted. Prior to Ratboy's stepping in though, Jared of 7 Angles 7 Plagues had been helping out on drums for the band. Our original news report (read it) pretty much told Martyr's side of the story and we felt compelled to get a perspective from the other side. So yesterday we spoke with Matt Matera of 7 Angels 7 Plagues. Here's what Matt had to say about the situation: "Jared agreed to tour for only 2 weeks out West with Martyr, not knowing what he wanted to do (join, tour with The Haunted, ect). When he returned, he decided that he didn't want to go on The Haunted tour anymore, but I guess they just kind of assumed he would or they would get him to do it. So when he got back, Further Seems Forever called him and asked if he wanted to fill in on tour for Steve, and he was interested. But when he found out from 3 sources that they where trying to do the same thing that Martyr was doing (get him to join the band) he decided not to do that as well. And for this flaking out stuff, I watched Jared call the Martyr kids several times, leaving messages. he made an effort to tell them that he wasnt going to do The Haunted tour, and he wasn't obligated to do anything past the 2 week west tour." Alright, there you have it. This is unfortunately going to go down as a case of "he said, she said", but at least you now have both perspectives. We personally enjoy both bands, so hopefully this stuff will be forgotten soon (no thanks to our journalistic sensationalism).

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