Lionheart news


11/15/2019Lionheart release new video
11/1/2019Lionheart issue new single
11/16/2018new Lionheart music video
10/13/2017Lionheart has premiered a new song and video.
9/15/2017A new Lionheart track is now online.
1/18/2016The new Lionheart album can now be streamed in its entirety.
11/23/2015Lionheart has unveiled a video for the first new song from their forthcoming album.
10/31/2014Lionheart has debuted their new video for "Rest In Power."
3/29/2014Lionheart's new video for "Rat" is available online.
1/18/2014Lionheart's music video for "Hail Mary" is now online.
12/27/2013Lionheart has premiered a new song and music video.
12/2/2013Lionheart has premiered a song from their forthcoming album.
8/18/2012Lionheart: We're playing a show with Motionless In White. Get over it.
3/10/2012Lionheart has debuted a track from their upcoming full-length.
8/18/2010Lionheart has uploaded a song from their forthcoming album.
7/19/2010Lionheart has finished recording their Mediaskare Records debut.


2/11/2020iMatter Fest 2020 announced
10/18/2019Lionheart debut new song feat. Stick To Your Guns vocalist
10/4/2019Lionheart premiere new song and video
9/27/2019Lionheart debut new track, to release new album in November
5/29/2019Lionheart, Deez Nuts, Obey The Brave to tour Europe
2/11/2019Northern Alliance 2019 festival announced
7/30/2018Caliban, Lionheart to tour Europe, UK
6/13/2018Lionheart, First Blood, Left Behind tour dates
9/12/2017Lionheart to release new album in November
7/27/2017Lionheart reforms
8/20/2016Lionheart announces final show
7/6/2016East Coast Tsunami Fest 2016 announced
5/26/2016Lionheart breaking up
12/2/2015Lionheart, Drowning mini-tour
10/21/2015Lionheart, Desolated, Kublai Khan tour (Europe)
10/20/2015Lionheart invites fans to upcoming video shoot
10/16/2015Lionheart announce new album 'Love Don't Live Here'
9/5/2015Lionheart to release new album in January
6/1/2015Lionheart writing new album
5/1/2015Weirdo Fest III lineup announced
2/9/2015Lionheart, Nasty, These Streets tour dates
1/22/2015New England Metal & Hardcore Fest 2015 adds bands
12/4/2014Lionheart, Drowning mini-tour
11/23/2014Faith & Fire Festival lineup announced
10/17/2014Lionheart, These Streets tour dates
5/9/2014Bleeding Through, Winds of Plague, Lionheart tour
3/1/2014Lionheart, Rude Awakening, Barrier tour dates
12/16/2013Lionheart, Warhound, Havenside tour dates
12/9/2013Tough Love Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
11/25/2013Lionheart announces new album
8/13/2013Lionheart drops off Earth Crisis shows
5/16/2013Earth Crisis announces Firestorm anniversary shows
4/9/2013Sound and Fury Fest 2013 lineup takes shape
2/15/2013Lionheart, Xibalba, The Mongoloids mini-tour
11/8/2012Vanna, Lionheart mini-tour
9/25/2012Stillborn Fest 2012 announced
6/4/2012Lionheart, Thick As Blood, Dead Icons tour
2/29/2012New England Metal & Hardcore Fest SXSW party
2/14/2012Lionheart, Volumes, No Bragging Rights, etc. tour
1/13/2012The Acacia Strain, Lionheart mini-tour
12/20/2011Lionheart set to record new album
10/11/2011Mychildren Mybride, Within The Ruins, etc. tour
6/1/2011Lionheart, I Declare War, Molotov Solution tour
5/18/2011Lionheart, Molotov Solution tour (Canada)
3/15/2011AGATG, A Plea For Purging, Lionheart tour
2/15/2011Lionheart, Legend, Monsters tour
11/9/2010Terror, First Blood, Lionheart tour (Europe)
10/4/2010Shai Hulud, Lionheart, Hundredth tour (Canada)
8/18/2010Lionheart, Donnybrook, Call To Preserve tour
5/22/2010Lionheart tour dates (Mexico)
3/22/2010Donnybrook, Mongoloids, Venia tour
3/14/2010Lionheart signs with Mediaskare Records
2/1/2010Lionheart, Continuance tour
12/16/2009Living Sacrifice, War Of Ages, Shai Hulud tour
12/1/2009For The Fallen Dreams, Lionheart tour dates
7/24/2009Thick As Blood, Venia, etc. tour
4/30/2009Folsom, Lionheart, Life Or Death tour
7/21/2008Stillborn Records signs three bands