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Light This City

1/4/2022 Darkness Everywhere (Light This City, Crepuscle) announce debut EP, share new song
1/11/2019 Light This City announces tour dates in Mexico
8/29/2018 Light This City, Gygax tour dates
4/24/2018 Light This City premieres title track of new album
4/22/2018 Light This City, Gygax tour dates
3/29/2018 Light This City premieres their first new song in 10 years
3/15/2018 Light This City announces new album
3/6/2018 Light This City issues teaser for new album
9/27/2017 Light This City reunite, set to record new album
9/1/2015 Darkest Hour, Dead To Fall, Light This City tour dates
3/22/2010 Heartsounds (ex-Light This City) sign w/ Epitaph
2/1/2010 Light This City announces farewell shows
10/14/2008 Oblige recruits Light This City bassist
9/15/2008 Light This City set to release final album
6/13/2008 Light This City confirms break-up
6/7/2008 Light This City cancels tours
3/24/2008 Light This City recording new album
12/19/2007 Suicide Silence, Light This City, etc. mini-tour
12/6/2007 Light This City drops off tour
6/11/2007 Into Eternity, Edguy, Light This City tour
5/29/2007 Light This City, Antagonist, etc. dates
4/2/2007 Light This City seeks new guitarist
2/9/2007 Light This City completes new video
2/7/2007 Light This City, The Faceless, Antagonist tour
1/19/2007 Light This City prepares new video
10/16/2006 Ion Dissonance, Light This City, etc. dates
10/2/2006 The Gates of Hell festival lineup and info
7/13/2006 Light This City album details
5/15/2006 Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish, etc. tour
3/20/2006 Light This City recording new album
10/30/2005 Light This City dates
5/5/2005 Light This City mapping out tour
2/17/2005 Light This City sign w/ Prosthetic Recs

News Tidbits
5/22/2018 Light This City is streaming their new album.
5/15/2018 A new Light This City track (and video) is now online.
6/21/2010 Ex-Light This City members Ryan Hansen and Jon Frost have launched a new metal project called The Urchin Barren.
2/3/2009 Light This City has unveiled a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run."
11/4/2008 Another new Light This City song is available online.
8/24/2008 Light This City's final album will be released on November 4th.
3/22/2007 Light This City's video for "The Unwelcome Savior" is available online.
11/1/2006 Light This City has replaced If Hope Dies on the upcoming Through The Eyes Of The Dead, etc. tour.
5/25/2005 Another track from Light This City's Prosthetic Records debut has been made available.

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