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4/4/2024 Kittie deliver second new single in 10 years with "We Are Shadows"
2/1/2024 Kittie launches new non-alcoholic beverage with We Are Pigs' Esjay Jones
2/18/2023 Death, HORSE the band, Enslaved, Taproot & more announced for Record Store Day 2023
11/7/2022 Turnstile to join System Of A Down, Deftones, and Korn for Sick New World on full line up
2/26/2022 Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2022 lineup takes shape
1/18/2022 When We Were Young Fest announced
3/10/2019 Blackguard debut first new track from forthcoming album
2/13/2017 Kittie bassist Trish Doan dies
9/22/2015 Kittie to release career spanning documentary
5/13/2015 Kittie cancels U.S. tour
3/29/2014 Kittie crowdfunding DVD documentary, tell-all book
8/3/2012 Kittie set to release 'best of' compilation
4/11/2012 The Agonist cancels first 9 shows of Kittie tour
2/13/2012 Kittie rejoined by former bassist
12/1/2011 Kittie, Blackguard, The Agonist, etc. tour
5/26/2010 Thrash and Burn 2010 Tour line-up
1/14/2010 Kittie, God Forbid tour dates
11/5/2009 Kittie, It Dies Today, Malefice tour (Europe)
6/12/2007 It Dies Today, Kittie, Silent Civilian tour
3/12/2007 Kittie, Walls Of Jericho, etc. tour extended
12/7/2006 Kittie, Walls Of Jericho, Dead To Fall tour
3/8/2006 Kittie, The Warriors, and Calico System dates
6/14/2004 Candiria, Twelve Tribes, Kittie, etc. tour
1/9/2003 Sworn Enemy gets dates on Kittie, 18V tour
7/1/2002 Kittie, PTW, Shadows Fall, and KsE dates
5/23/2002 Shadows Fall, Kittie, Poison The Well tour
1/9/2002 Shadows Fall to support Kittie on the road in UK
9/15/2000 Pantera & Kittie tour dates

News Tidbits
3/23/2014 Kittie has uploaded a teaser for the band's "next chapter."

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