Hydra Head Records news


4/5/2018Hydra Head Records has launched a special sale to benefit the family of Caleb Scofield.
9/19/2012First of the Fallen: a Hydra Head Records retrospective.


4/8/2019Cave In debut new track, to release new album in June
7/30/2018Erosion (Baptists, 3 Inches Of Blood) announces new album
2/23/2017Oxbow album set for release
5/16/2013Hydra Head Records set to close headquarters
1/14/2013Hydra Head releasing Converge Caring & Killing LP
9/11/2012Hydra Head Records shutting down
8/14/2012Jodis (Isis, Khanate) album set for release
5/1/2012Old Man Gloom set to release new album
5/26/2010Isis, Melvins split set for release
12/22/2009Hayaino Daisuki set to release new album
11/11/2009Cave In to release 'Planets of Old' CD/DVD
8/16/2009Jodis (Isis, Khanate) debut set for release
8/8/2009Hydra Head to reissue Oxbow debut
7/27/2009Hydra Head to release Nihill debut
7/1/2009Greymachine (Jesu, Isis) album set for release
4/10/2009Khanate set to release final album
2/24/2009Torche set to release 12"/DVD
6/6/2008Hydra Head to release Mamiffer debut
3/7/2008Hydra Head Records SXSW showcase info
1/30/2008Torche prepares to release Hydra Head debut
12/23/2007Hydra Head to release Helms Alee album
11/14/2007Hydra Head set to release Huguenots discography
9/26/2007Hayaino Daisuki (ex-Discordance Axis) records EP
6/13/2007Hydra Head to release Dälek rarities
1/25/2007Hydra Head Records SXSW showcase
12/15/2006Hydra Head Records signs Kayo Dot
7/19/2006Hydra Head set to release new Xasthur album
7/14/2006Heresi signs w/ Hydra Head Records
7/14/2006Lustmord joins Hydra Head roster
12/11/2005Hydra Head signs Everlovely Lightningheart
5/6/2005Daughters sign w/ Hydra Head Records
4/15/2005Cave In prepare new release
8/4/2004Hydra Head Records signs Big Business
5/3/2004Hydra Head Records signs Mare
4/26/2004Jesu (ex-Godflesh) joins Hydra Head roster
2/6/2004Hydra Head and Tarantulas SXSW showcase
1/20/2004Harkonen and These Arms Are Snakes split
12/18/2003Oxbow joins Hydra Head roster
7/10/2003Hydra Head "Champions of Sound" tour