Hoods news


2/24/2015Hoods' frontman really wants to fight the owner of Victory Records.
11/4/2014Hoods have unveiled a track from their upcoming album.
1/15/2012Hoods has debuted a new song (and video).
2/28/2007Hoods has posted another track from their forthcoming release.
2/1/2007Hoods have posted the title track from their upcoming full-length.
11/5/2005Hoods's new video for "The King Is Dead" is now online.
1/25/2005Hoods and Donnybrook will be touring Europe in August and September.


2/11/2019Northern Alliance 2019 festival announced
4/20/2018Hoods, Set Your Anchor tour
7/16/2017Don't Mess With Texas Fest 2017 announced
9/9/2016Sworn Enemy, Hoods, Drowning tour dates
3/30/2016Hoods announce June tour
10/1/2014Hoods sign with Artery Recordings
8/4/2014East Coast Tsunami Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
1/20/2013The Rumble 2013 (Chicago) announced
12/21/2012Tough Love Fest II lineup announced
9/2/2011Hoods mini-tour (Texas)
8/9/2009Hoods tour dates (Europe)
3/10/2009Hoods sign with I Scream Records
3/6/2009Hoods, Beg For Life tour dates
2/18/2009Hoods, Beg For Life mini-tour
7/30/2007Hoods drop off tour, seek donations
6/1/2007Agnostic Front, Hoods, etc. tour
5/4/2007Hoods tour schedule
1/20/2007Hoods to release new album this spring
1/9/2007Hoods, Furious Styles, My Children My Bride tour
12/16/2006Hoods tour schedule
2/27/2006Astraea (ex-Hoods, etc.) formed
1/9/2006Hoods and Palehorse tour
8/29/2005Hoods and Awoken tour schedule (Europe)
7/10/2005Hoods tour schedule
6/13/2005Hoods prepare to record new album
5/2/2005Hoods sign w/ Eulogy Recordings
4/14/2005Hoods, Donnybrook, etc. tour
1/18/2005Merauder, Hoods, The Risk Taken, etc. tour
12/8/2004Diecast, Hoods, Winter Solstice tour tour
8/8/2004Hoods line up Fall tour
6/2/2004The Hoods and Animosity tour
8/26/2002Hoods and Beneath The Ashes tour dates
11/18/2001Hoods and Ringworm tour dates
3/26/2001Victory inks the Hoods & Student Rick