Fuck The Facts news


1/6/2021F*ck The Facts release new video
11/11/2020Fuck The Facts unveil new song
11/3/2020Fuck The Facts stream new track
9/30/2014F*ck The Facts is currently streaming their new EP in full.
9/24/2014F*ck The Facts have premiered a new track from their upcoming EP.
5/21/2013Fuck The Facts have unveiled a new song/video.
9/30/2011We've just debuted a new Fuck The Facts song, so check it out!
9/6/2011Fuck The Facts has debuted a song from their new release.
6/30/2008Fuck The Facts has uploaded another song from their new release.
6/22/2008Fuck The Facts has debuted two tracks from their upcoming album.
5/21/2008Fuck The Facts has uploaded a "distorted" pre-production preview of their next album.
5/14/2008Fuck The Facts has issued a video documenting (in an abstract fasion) the writing pro
2/28/2007Fuck The Facts' video for "The Sound Of Your Smashed Head" is now online.
7/14/2006Fuck The Facts' has posted two songs from their upcoming album.


9/24/2020Fuck The Facts premiere track, announce new album
6/16/2015F*ck The Facts announce North American tour
8/20/2014F*ck The Facts news and notes
4/8/2014F*ck The Facts announce North American tour
2/6/2014F*ck the Facts tour (Mexico)
8/20/2013Fuck The Facts tour dates (Canada)
5/12/2013Fuck The Facts to release new EP in June
12/10/2012Fuck The Facts announce U.S. tour
3/23/2012The Black Dahlia Murder, Exhumed tour
2/27/2012Fuck The Facts tour (Europe)
2/3/2012Greber (F-ck The Facts) tour dates
1/25/2012Fuck The Facts confirm regional shows
8/13/2011F*ck The Facts complete new album
8/10/2011F*ck The Facts tour dates
7/10/2011F*ck The Facts tour dates
5/21/2011Misery Index tour dates (Canada)
2/10/2011F*ck The Facts, KEN Mode tour
1/25/2011F*ck The Facts announces 10th anniversary shows
1/10/2011Greber tour dates (Canada)
11/21/2010F*ck The Facts recording 'bonus' EP
11/1/2010F*ck The Facts finishing up new album
9/30/2010F*ck The Facts announce new guitarist
7/21/2010F*ck The Facts tour dates
4/29/2010F*ck The Facts tour dates
3/1/2010Fuck The Facts tour (Europe)
12/9/2009Fuck The Facts news and notes
11/4/2009Fuck The Facts confirms new bassist
6/25/2009Fuck The Facts tour schedule
6/2/2009Fuck The Facts limited vinyl set for release
1/7/2009Fuck The Facts, Antigama tour (Europe)
11/28/2008Fuck The Facts tour dates (Canada)
8/30/2008Fuck The Facts, Putrescence tour (Canada)
6/3/2008Psyopus, Fuck The Facts, SWWAATS tour
5/15/2008Neuraxis, Fuck The Facts tour
5/1/2008F*ck The Facts completes new album
3/8/2008Leng Tch'e, Fuck The Facts split EP
5/11/2007Fuck The Facts, Regurgitate tour
1/30/2007Fuck The Facts, Regurgitate dates
1/8/2007Fuck The Facts tour schedule
10/25/2006Fuck The Facts tour dates (Canada)