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Eddie Hermida

4/21/2020 All Shall Perish reunion 'not happening'
4/18/2020 Suicide Silence frontman Eddie Hermida unveils new band
12/6/2018 Eddie Hermida's vocals replaced on Suicide Silence track
9/20/2018 Suicide Silence song pulled from video game over past allegations
11/16/2017 Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida issues statement
11/15/2017 Suicide Silence frontman accused of sexual misconduct
9/20/2017 Oblivion announce new album, premiere song
3/15/2017 Eddie Hermida calls Thy Art Is Murder vocalist a 'sellout'
3/11/2017 Suicide Silence singer reflects on poor sales of new LP
10/21/2015 All Shall Perish returns with old members
7/23/2015 Metal community reacts to passing of Justin Lowe
10/25/2013 All Shall Perish bassist: "We HAD to fire Eddie"
10/4/2013 All Shall Perish moving on without Eddie Hermida
10/4/2013 Suicide Silence announces identity of new singer
10/2/2013 Suicide Silence confirms new vocalist
11/29/2005 All Shall Perish reveal new singer, song

News Tidbits
11/10/2015 Jonathan Davis of Korn and Eddie Hermida of Suicide Silence sat down together for a video interview.
4/5/2015 The lead single from Iwrestledabearonce's forthcoming LP is now online.
3/10/2015 Warning: watching this video of Suicide Silence smoking stuff in a car with B-Real of Cypress Hill might get you high.
10/6/2014 Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida chooses Six Songs To Die With.
10/2/2013 Is Suicide Silence about to announce a new singer? And is that new singer's name...

10/2/2014 Eddie Hermida (Suicide Silence): Six Songs To Die With

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