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David Brodsky

7/6/2022 Revocation detail new album 'Netherheaven', premiere first single
5/19/2022 Upon A Burning Body debut new music video
5/12/2022 Origin debut title track of new album 'Chaosmos'
4/7/2022 Upon A Burning Body premiere opening track of new album
4/6/2022 Killswitch Engage share new video, announce 'Live at the Palladium' album
4/5/2022 Clutch premiere new track and video 'Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)'
10/14/2021 Whitechapel premiere new song 'Orphan'
9/29/2021 Rivers Of Nihil release new video
9/24/2021 Killswitch Engage share 'Us Against The World' video
9/23/2021 Whitechapel debut new song and video 'A Bloodsoaked Symphony'
7/13/2021 Killswitch Engage announce streaming event
8/4/2020 Anaal Nathrakh premiere title track of new album
1/22/2018 Twitching Tongues announce new album, premiere song
5/20/2015 Ensiferum to shoot new music video
7/23/2014 Red Fang shoots new music video
10/17/2011 Revocation shoots new video
8/8/2011 Haste The Day live CD/DVD set for release
6/28/2010 Landmine Marathon shoots new video
5/3/2010 In This Moment seeks fans for video shoot
3/31/2010 Whitechapel set to release new album
1/19/2010 Eulogy Recordings signs The Smashup
10/28/2009 The Red Chord to shoot video on Halloween
8/31/2009 Mychildren Mybride shoots new video
8/13/2009 Municipal Waste shoots new video
5/29/2009 Suffocation set to shoot new video
3/10/2009 The Agonist set to shoot video
2/19/2009 Warbringer prepares to shoot new video
10/30/2008 The Acacia Strain announces DVD shoot
9/16/2008 The Acacia Strain completes video
9/16/2008 Unearth shoots new video
8/18/2008 Brother Von Doom shooting video
7/1/2008 The Acacia Strain films show for DVD
5/13/2008 Whitechapel filming new video
5/8/2008 Cryptopsy shoots new video
4/19/2008 Bleed The Sky shooting new video
3/21/2008 The Black Dahlia Murder shooting new video
3/8/2008 Origin filming new video
3/4/2008 Soilent Green shooting new video
2/23/2008 Kataklysm filming new video
10/31/2007 Arsis shoots new video
8/19/2007 3 completes new video
8/1/2007 The Red Chord completes new video
6/4/2007 The Agonist shoots new video
2/15/2007 Kylesa shoots new video
9/7/2006 Diecast completes new video
9/6/2006 Twelve Tribes set to shoot video

News Tidbits
4/19/2021 Cannibal Corpse issue new video
2/24/2021 Cannibal Corpse release new music video
10/9/2019 Cannabis Corpse debut new song and music video
2/15/2019 Clutch premiere new video
11/20/2018 Rivers Of Nihil issue new video
7/10/2018 Revocation has premiered a new song and music video.
3/16/2018 Rivers Of Nihil has released a new video.
2/12/2018 A new Through The Eyes Of The Dead video has made its online debut.
7/25/2017 Tombs has unveiled a new music video.
8/1/2016 Clutch has unveiled a new video for "A Quick Death In Texas."
7/25/2016 Revocation has debuted a music video for "Arbiters of The Apocalypse."
7/22/2016 Hatebreed has released a video for "Something's Off."
4/25/2016 Hatebreed has premiered a new song and music video.
11/26/2015 Native Construct has released a video for their song "Mute."
8/14/2015 Battlecross has debuted a music video for "Absence."
8/3/2015 Rivers Of Nihil's new video for "Sand Baptism" is available online.
1/28/2015 The Agonist has premiered a new music video.
1/15/2015 The Agonist has debuted a new song and video.
11/7/2014 Rivers Of Nihil have debuted a new music video.
9/24/2014 Cannibal Corpse has unveiled their new video for "Kill Or Become."
8/11/2014 Red Fang's new video for "The Meadows" has made its online debut.
7/14/2014 Goatwhore has unveiled their new video for "Baring Teeth For Revolt."
6/12/2014 Whitechapel's new video for "Worship The Digital Age" has made its online debut.
4/22/2014 Marty Friedman's music video for "Inferno" has made its online debut.
9/21/2013 Ashes of Ares' new music video for "This Is My Hell" has made its online debut.
1/8/2013 This Or The Apocalypse has premiered a music video for "Hate The Ones You Love."
6/28/2012 Whitechapel has premiered their new video for "I, Dementia."
2/20/2012 The Black Dahlia Murder has unveiled their new video for "Moonlight Equilibrium."

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