Crime In Stereo news


9/8/2010Crime In Stereo has issued a statement regarding their rec
9/4/2010Crime In Stereo's final video is available online.
2/4/2010Crime In Stereo has posted another track from their upcoming album.
1/19/2010Crime In Stereo has unveiled a track from their new full-length.
6/28/2009Crime In Stereo has posted a new song.
8/27/2008A track from Crime In Stereo's forthcoming "Selective Wreckage" release is online.
9/27/2007Crime In Stereo has posted another song from their upcoming album.
9/7/2007A song from Crime In Stereo's new album is available online.
7/18/2006Righteous Jams and Crime In Stereo will tour Europe together from 10/27 until 11/21.
4/8/2006An ecard for Crime In Stereo's new album is online.
9/7/2005Crime In Stereo and Capital (ex-Silent Majority) will release a split together in early-2006 through State Of Mind Recordings.
5/26/2005A brief sample of the new Crime In Stereo EP (out on July 12th) has been made available.


3/11/2019Crime In Stereo mini-tour
7/19/2017Back To School Jam 2017 take shape
6/16/2017Crime In Stereo mini-tour
2/18/2016Crime In Stereo recording new album
3/6/2015Rise Records signs Royal Psalms
12/15/2014Southeast Beast 2015 lineup takes shape
6/25/2013Crime In Stereo prepares new album
10/3/2012Crime In Stereo reforms
10/13/2011Rise Records signs Daytrader
9/29/2010Daytrader (Crime In Stereo, etc.) prepares new 7"
8/9/2010Crime In Stereo breaks up?
7/27/2010Crime In Stereo singer sidelined after surgery
5/7/2010Crime In Stereo tour (Europe)
4/5/2010Crime In Stereo, The Swellers mini-tour
3/26/2010Crime In Stereo tour dates
1/20/2010Crime In Stereo, Wonder Years tour dates
11/9/2009Crime In Stereo album set for release
7/6/2009Strike Anywhere, Crime In Stereo, Ruiner tour
6/3/2009Crime In Stereo enters studio
4/21/2009Crime In Stereo, Fireworks tour dates
9/16/2008Crime In Stereo, Broadway Calls tour dates
7/27/2008Crime In Stereo details upcoming releases
7/23/2008Crime In Stereo, Fake Problems tour dates
7/11/2008New Found Glory, Set Your Goals, etc. tour (UK)
6/6/2008New Found Glory, ADTR, Crime In Stereo tour
3/19/2008A Day To Remember, Crime In Stereo tour
2/28/2008Crime In Stereo tour (UK)
1/25/2008Comeback Kid, Crime In Stereo, Daggermouth tour
8/6/2007Crime In Stereo, Ambitions, COA dates
4/24/2007Crime In Stereo signs w/ Bridge Nine Records
1/4/2007Crime In Stereo to release 7" EP
12/22/2006Silent Drive, FC Five, Crime In Stereo dates
8/23/2006Crime In Stereo and Righteous Jams dates (Europe)
3/2/2006Crime In Stereo tour schedule
12/28/2005Crime In Stereo seek new guitarist
12/22/2005Crime In Stereo prepare new split
10/26/2005Dead Hearts and Crime In Stereo dates
9/9/2005Killing The Dream, Crime In Stereo tour
8/15/2005Crime In Stereo tour schedule
6/23/2005This Is Hell and Crime In Stereo tour
5/29/2004Scraps & Heart Attacks, Crime In Stereo tour