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Crime In Stereo details upcoming releases

Sun, July 27, 2008 8:20 PM PT3,009 views

Official press release: Crime In Stereo has revealed more details about their recent blog pledge to release three LPs and two EPS over the next twelve months. Crime In Stereo and Bridge Nine Records are proud to announce the first new CD/LP, "Selective Wreckage." Featuring ten previously unreleased songs, "Selective Wreckage" isn't a B-sides collection, but a showcase of how the band evolved from 2006's melodic punk outburst "The Troubled Stateside" to 2007's opus, "Crime In Stereo Is Dead." As guitarist Alex Dunne said, "Originally we planned on doing two separate 7" EP vinyl records because they were two separate sessions. The side of songs recorded after 'The Troubled Stateside' features the 3-songs from the never-released split 7"EP with Capital, another recording of 'When The Women Come Out To Dance' from our free EP on Nitro and 'Love,' a song that never made the Stateside album which I think is better than anything on that record." Discussing the flipside of the album, Dunne says that "Dead was a difficult record to make and we had to leave off some songs that were really strong - but we just didn't have enough time to finish them at the time before having to leave to tour, which was frustrating. Three of these songs are more energetic and upbeat and another is really slow and sad, but I love it." "Selective Wreckage" can also be seen as a document of a band evolving from growing up in the Long Island hardcore and punk scene, to a band that has transcended genres without leaving their roots behind. The album is set for release on September 30th. The LP will be on store shelves as a 12" LP with CD included in the packaging. CDs will be avalable from the band and direct from the Bridge Nine webstore and independent retailers. Additionally, Crime In Stereo and Bridge Nine Records will be re-releasing the band's acclaimed 2006 album "The Troubled Stateside" on vinyl. Previously released on Nitro Records, "The Troubled Stateside" displayed the band's considerable songwriting abilities, which were later expanded upon on their 2007 album "Crime In Stereo Is Dead." Dunne recounts that "The Troubled Stateside" was our first full album recorded with Mike Sapone and it's always been an album that we've been incredibly proud of--but Nitro never put it out on vinyl. Bridge Nine has been a great home for us and has been super supportive of everything we've ever done as a band. So we were definitely excited when they told us they felt it was time to give the album a proper vinyl treatment." "The Troubled Stateside" vinyl edition will be available at all independent retailers and on vinyl racks nationally on September 16th.

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