Candlelight Records news


7/17/2020Ihsahn debuts new track, to release EP in September
2/24/2018Ihsahn (Emperor) announces new album, premieres video
8/12/2016Winterfylleth announces new album
11/9/2015Vision Of Disorder album release pushed back
10/5/2015Candlelight Records owner launches graphic novel company
9/16/2015Vision of Disorder to release new album in November
8/26/2015Abigail Williams announce new album 'The Accuser'
9/20/2014Blood Red Throne signs with Candlelight Records
8/6/2014Towers Of Flesh set to release new album
7/3/2014Candlelight Records signs Bio-Cancer
6/24/2014Corrosion of Conformity album release delayed
5/21/2014Candlelight Records signs English Dogs
5/8/2014Orange Goblin to reissue 'Healing Through Fire'
4/8/2014Corrosion of Conformity to release new LP in June
12/17/2013Earth Crisis announces new album
9/15/2013Pestilence to release new album in November
6/5/2013Candlelight Records signs The Doomsayer
4/8/2013Demon Lung album set for release
2/7/2013Candlelight Records signs Pestilence
1/23/2013Woe album set for release
1/16/2013Earth Crisis signs with Candlelight Records
12/2/2012Candlelight Records signs Demon Lung
9/6/2012Anaal Nathrakh set to release new album
9/4/2012Cryptopsy album set for release
7/25/2012Daylight Dies album set for release
7/16/2012Vision of Disorder album set for release
5/21/2012Candlelight Records signs Khors
4/23/2012Rumpelstiltskin Grinder album set for release
4/6/2012Candlelight Records signs Zatokrev
4/4/2012Ihsahn album set for release
2/29/2012Fear Factory album set for release
2/23/2012Vision of Disorder signs with Candlelight Records
2/15/2012Sigh set to release new album
9/26/2011Candlelight Recs signs Rumpelstiltskin Grinder
8/8/2011Candlelight Records signs The Rotted
5/12/2011Candlelight Records signs Falloch
8/24/2010The Atlas Moth announces digital EP of covers
5/14/2010Candlelight Recs signs The Meads of Asphodel
3/23/2010Candlelight Records signs October Tide
1/12/2010Candlelight Records signs Altar Of Plagues
1/5/2010Candlelight Records signs three bands
11/12/2009Candlelight Records signs Winterfylleth
7/15/2009Candlelight Records signs The Atlas Moth
5/19/2009Candlelight Records signs Ramming Speed
2/25/2009Candlelight Records signs Anaal Nathrakh
2/7/2009Absu, Glorior Belli, Averse Sefira, Sothis tour
2/3/2009Candlelight Records signs Susperia
1/8/2009Candlelight Records signs Havok
11/26/2008Candlelight Records signs Xerath
9/17/2008Candlelight Records signs Defiance
9/5/2008Orange Goblin signs w/ Candlelight Records
8/9/2008Candlelight Records signs The Living Fields
7/9/2008Candlelight Records signs Sourvein
3/11/2008Mithras and Candlelight Records part ways
2/20/2008Manes parts ways with Candlelight Records
10/2/2007Candlelight Records signs Forest Stream
5/30/2007Candlelight Records signs Hemlock
5/1/2007Candlelight Records signs The Foreshadowing
4/23/2007Candlelight Recs to release new Obituary album
3/21/2007Entombed joins Candlelight Records roster
2/22/2007Carnal Forge album details
1/12/2007Candlelight Records signs Carnal Forge
12/21/2006Candlelight Records signs Lost Eden
11/22/2006Candlelight Records signs Throne Of Katarsis
10/20/2006Candlelight Records signs Averse Sefira
10/20/2006Dark Funeral, Enslaved, Abigail Williams dates
10/6/2006Candlelight Records signs Sear Bliss
9/13/2006Candlelight Records signs two bands
8/16/2006Candlelight vinyl series continues
7/31/2006Dark Funeral, Enslaved, etc. tour confirmed
5/10/2006Candlelight Records signs Dead Man In Reno
3/23/2006Candlelight Records signs Abigail Williams
3/6/2006Candlelight Records signs Wolverine
1/19/2006Starkweather sign w/ Candlelight Records
8/6/2004Crowbar signs w/ Candlelight Records
4/2/2004Candlelight and Threeman Recordings solidify deal
1/20/2004Pro-Pain prepares to release new album