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10/6/2021 Botch sign with Sargent House
7/2/2020 Botch vocalist would "love to do" a reunion
2/22/2019 New Idea Society (Cave In, Quicksand, Botch) release new single
12/4/2014 Sumac (Isis, Baptists, Botch) announce debut album
3/21/2014 Record Store Day 2014 official release list
1/12/2010 These Arms Are Snakes breaks up
11/4/2008 Narrows records new album
3/19/2008 Deathwish Inc. signs Narrows
10/26/2006 Garden of Exile to release Botch, Cave In vinyl
10/19/2006 Botch DVD/CD set for release
9/26/2006 Botch prepares "American Nervoso" reissue
7/17/2006 Botch collection reissue set for release
1/13/2006 Botch finalizing DVD release
12/10/2003 Botch DVD update
12/1/2003 Mastodon to record new album in January
5/12/2002 Botch news and notes
4/28/2002 Delvic to record EP with Matt Bayles in May
2/26/2002 Botch planning final show in June
2/3/2002 Botch decides to call it quits
9/30/2001 Botch working on new full-length
8/30/2001 Botch solidifies tour schedule
8/21/2001 Botch decides against October tour
7/10/2001 Botch maps out US tour for October
6/14/2001 Botch planning release and tour
4/16/2001 Botch working on video, new album
3/30/2001 Botch update and show schedule
9/14/2000 Dillinger Escape Plan tour
8/29/2000 Botch Fall Tour 2000 info
8/15/2000 Botch and Dillinger Escape Plan tour

News Tidbits
11/1/2019 this highly influential 'mathcore' masterpiece was released 20 years ago today
8/2/2018 You call yourself a 'mathcore' fan but don't worship this album? Impossible.
12/1/2017 You don't own (and love) this album? You're stupid.
12/1/2014 Botch hasn't announced a reunion, but there's now a chance!
2/21/2013 Meek Is Murder and Tiger Flowers have posted a cover of the Botch song "Japam."
2/1/2012 A track from Narrows forthcoming album has made its online debut.

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