Black Cobra news


4/9/2016Black Cobra has debuted a music video for "Eye Among the Blind."
12/18/2015Another new Black Cobra song is available online.
9/20/2011Black Cobra has been added to this fall's Kyuss Lives! and The Sword tour.
7/8/2009Black Cobra has posted a new song.
1/15/2006Black Cobra have posted two tracks from their upcoming At A Loss Recordings full-length.
3/17/2005Black Cobra have changed their name to Cobra Noir.


6/22/2016Yob, Black Cobra announce European tour
2/23/2016Stumpfest 2016 lineup announced
11/16/2015Black Cobra totals van in accident
8/11/2015YOB, Black Cobra to tour North America
3/16/2015Black Cobra signs with Season of Mist
11/14/2014Black Cobra, Wolvhammer tour dates
7/29/2014Black Cobra, Lo Pan announce U.S. tour
6/25/2014Black Cobra denied entry into Canada; cancel tour
4/17/2014Black Cobra, The Cutthroats 9, Arabrot mini-tour
3/29/2014Anciients, Black Cobra, Black Wizard tour (Canada)
12/19/2013Weedeater, Black Cobra tour dates
4/17/2013Black Cobra, Bison BC, and Arabrot tour (Europe)
4/17/2012Black Cobra, Gaza tour dates
3/27/2012Black Cobra tour (Australia)
3/5/2012Corrosion Of Conformity, Torche, Black Cobra tour
11/3/2011Black Cobra, Zoroaster tour
7/19/2011Black Cobra completes new album
6/7/2010Black Cobra, Howl tour
2/8/2010High On Fire, Priestess, Black Cobra tour
1/21/2010Black Cobra announces in-store performances
9/3/2009Pelican, Black Cobra announce U.S. tour
11/30/2008Southern Lord Records signs Black Cobra
10/13/2008Black Cobra tour dates
7/28/2008Black Cobra, Weedeater tour
12/27/2007Pelican, Unearthly Trance, Black Cobra tour
10/14/2007The Sword, Valient Thorr, Black Cobra tour
7/27/2007Black Cobra tour dates
4/4/2007Rwake and Black Cobra tour
3/15/2007Blutch and Black Cobra tour (Europe)
9/26/2006Black Cobra and Blutch tour (Europe)
8/17/2006Black Cobra and Acid King tour
7/11/2006Black Cobra and Unpersons tour
6/2/2006Black Cobra tour schedule
3/17/2006Black Cobra set to release new album
10/3/2004Black Cobra signs w/ Cyclop Media