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Bitter End

9/22/2019 LDB Fest 2020 lineup announced
9/5/2018 FYA 6 lineup announced
8/29/2018 Vein, Bitter End to play shows with Ghostemane
7/11/2017 No Warning, Backtrack, Twitching Tongues tour announced
10/3/2016 Midwest Blood Fest 2017 lineup takes shape
11/13/2015 Bitter End tour dates
9/8/2015 Terror, Code Orange, Take Offense, Malfunction tour
9/3/2015 Fallcore 2015 lineup finalized
8/23/2015 Sincerity Fest 2015 lineup finalized
3/19/2015 Bitter End announce new album, premiere song
2/11/2015 Breast Fest 2015 lineup takes shape
12/31/2014 Black N' Blue Bowl 2015 lineup takes shape
12/1/2014 Bitter End, Steel Nation mini-tour
5/26/2014 Bitter End recording new album
5/22/2014 Back To School Jam 2014 lineup announced
11/20/2013 Bitter End, Malfunction tour dates
10/11/2013 FYA Fest lineup announced
4/16/2013 Bitter End tour dates
12/4/2012 Magic City Hardcore Festival lineup announced
3/27/2012 Bitter End, Hardside tour dates (Europe)
2/27/2012 Bitter End tour (Australia)
5/4/2011 Ringworm, Nails, Bitter End, New Lows tour
12/2/2010 Bitter End, Powertrip, Hardside tour dates
10/7/2010 Bitter End, Alpha & Omega mini-tour
10/5/2010 Bitter End tour dates
5/26/2010 Bitter End, New Morality tour (Europe)
5/13/2010 Bitter End tour (Europe)
3/22/2010 Donnybrook, Mongoloids, Venia tour
4/22/2009 Bitter End, True Colors tour (Europe)
2/16/2009 Bitter End news and notes
3/3/2008 Bitter End, Meltdown, Reign Supreme tour (Europe)
9/28/2005 Malfunction Records signs two bands

News Tidbits
6/25/2015 The new Bitter End album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
4/21/2015 Another track from Bitter End's next album can be heard online.
12/25/2011 Bitter End's music video for "The Hand That Feeds" is available online.
5/26/2010 A track from Bitter End's forthcoming Deathwish Inc. release is now online.
12/17/2009 Bitter End is currently recording a new album.
7/26/2008 Bitter End has uploaded a track from their new 7" release.

4/21/2015 Bitter End "Sting of Betrayal" song premiere

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