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Bitter End "Sting of Betrayal" song premiere

Hardcore act Bitter End debuts a new track from their forthcoming album.

Bitter End

It's been roughly a decade since Bitter End formed in San Antonio, Texas. In the interim, they've put out a handful of records and toured consistently, methodically becoming a staple of the hardcore scene.

This summer, the band will release a new full-length titled Illusions of Dominance. Featuring ten tracks of intense, mid-tempo metallic hardcore, the new LP was produced by Terror drummer Nick Jett and is officially slated for a June 30 release through Deathwish Inc.

Today we're thrilled to unveil a new song from the record titled "Sting of Betrayal." Stream the track below and keep up with Bitter End via Facebook.


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anonymous 4/21/2015 5:51:45 PM

swoods dink has a huge vein on it.

anonymous 4/22/2015 8:37:32 AM

Sammy has fat balls

anonymous 4/22/2015 1:44:25 PM

This new Metallica song sounds great!

anonymous 4/22/2015 10:20:32 PM

Love how they all have the same haircut. Did the fat dude on the far left just shit his pants?

anonymous 4/23/2015 6:13:46 PM

My Bitter End > Bitter End

anonymous 5/5/2015 3:33:28 PM

This song is very radio rock of them.