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name the best movies you can think of

tactical_hotdog 6/26/2022 4:58:50 AM
Noticeable lack of The Birdcage on that list, you wimp

jimbo 6/26/2022 5:33:39 AM
Airheads and Detroit Rock City

Pilgrim 6/26/2022 6:06:46 AM
+ to list Evil Dead 1 + 2 The Outlaw Josey Wales All of the Lone Wolf and Cub movies Story of Ricky Old boy ... And any Jackie Chan movie

simon_belmont 6/26/2022 6:08:36 AM
Surviving The Game

lake_flaccid 6/26/2022 7:43:58 AM
adding some Big Trouble in Little China Conan the Barbarian The Sword and the Sorcerer Heat Manhunter Collateral Yojimbo Sanjuro Bram Stoker's Dracula Fistful of Dollars For a Few Dollars More Open Range Bone Tomahawk

carveyournamein 6/26/2022 7:57:54 AM
Ong Bak