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The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk is once again crushing the drums.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 8:53 AM PT
Andrew of The Ghost Inside custom drums The challenges of The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk in the aftermath of the band's 2015 bus crash have been well-documented. Following the amputation of his leg, Tkaczyk has been working diligently to regain his prowess behind the kid. Obviously, this is easier said than done when one relies upon double-bass work so heavily. Yesterday Tkaczyk shared some footage of himself rocking his current setup, which features several interesting components, including "the Hammer," the device his father built. Check it out below to see how far Tkaczyk has come. "Today is honestly the first time since our accident almost 3 years ago that I feel close to the level I was playing at when I had two legs. No, it'll never be 100% like that again but with the help of my Dad and some incredible people, I've gotten pretty damn close," said Tkaczyk.

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