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Conducting From The Grave "The Rise" song premiere

9/23/2013 8:33:27 AM

Conducting From The Grave unveils a track from their self-titled album.
Conducting From The Grave

Sacramento, California metal unit Conducting From The Grave will release a new, self-titled album on October 1st. The effort was entirely funded by fans via a Kickstarter campaign (which raised over $15,000 within a month) and will be the band's first self-released effort (they were previously on the Sumerian Records roster).

Today we're pleased to premiere a track from the album titled "The Rise." Have a listen, then be sure to order the album or follow them on Facebook. Here you go:

anonymous   posted 364 days ago
fart drums
anonymous   posted 364 days ago
tilting your head back does not make you look taller.
anonymous   posted 363 days ago
f*cking awesome!
anonymous   posted 362 days ago
Rad Song!