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You either like these banjo covers if you don't. If you do, check out Rob Scallon's version of Metallica classic "Master of Puppets." If you hate this shit, sorry; here's an Emmure concert.

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Anthony Vitale recently conducted an interview with New Jersey hardcore/metal band Old Wounds, and during the interview, Vitale read some comments from an April 18 Old Wounds news item. Not surprisingly, some of the comments are rather harsh. Thankfully, Old Wounds are good sports.

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this is homecore

4/26/2016 6:36:20 PM PT   comments [6]
So, YouTube tandem Joey and Brandon made a metal song using guitars and stuff. Interestingly, however, they didn't use drums. Instead, they employed a bunch of stuff found around the house, including a broom, basketball, and shower curtain. I applaud their frugality. I also commend them for using a faucet as part of a breakdown. That's got to be a first. Check out what they're appropriately calling "homecore" below.

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TV personality Mike Rowe was recognized on the street by Metallica frontman James Hetfield over the weekend. Unfortunately, Rowe, who says he's a Metallica fan, had no idea who Hetfield was. Here's the exchange that took place, as documented by the embarrassed Rowe:

Exterior. Late morning. A large man with many tattoos and dark sunglasses walks across the street toward a table where Mike Rowe is dining al fresco and drinking mimosas.

Large Tattooed Man: Sorry to interrupt, you're Mike Rowe right?

Mike Rowe: I'm him.

Large Tattooed Man: I just wanted to tell you I enjoy your shows, and really appreciate what you're doing for the skilled trades.

Mike Rowe: Sorry. You guys local?

Large Tattooed Man: I live around here, and Sophia's from Argentina.

Mike Rowe: That's nice. What part?

Sophia: Buneos Aries.

Mike: I was there a few years ago. Beautiful place.

Sophia: It is.

Mike Rowe: So what do you do around here?

Large Tattooed Man: I play in a local band.

Mike Rowe: Cool! I love local bands. What kind of music?

Large Tattooed Man: Rock and Roll.

Mike Rowe: Nice. What do you call yourselves?

Large Tattooed Man:: Metallica.

Mike: Oh my God. Of course. You're Lars Ulrich. Forgive me. I heard you lived around here. What a pleasure to meet you.

Large Tattooed Man: Actually, my name is James. James Hetfield

Despite Rowe's screw-up, Hetfield was pleasant:

"Thank you for being so gracious and saying such kind things about my foundation. I was very flattered. I also wish to apologize - not just for failing to recognize you - but for not recognizing you in front of your charming niece from Buenos Aries. It must have been very strange for her to watch her uncle - one of the greatest singers in the history of rock and roll - introduce himself to a guy with a psychopathic dog and no idea who he was. And it must have been especially gratifying for you, when I tried to recover by calling you Lars Ulrich - the first named that popped into my head when my synapses started firing off bad information.

"For what it's worth, I know that Metallica consists of several people who aren't Lars Ulrich, but earlier this week, someone told me Lars lived in the neighborhood, so his was the name that shot into my head when I finally realized I was talking to the lead singer of Metallica. Point is, I knew you weren't Lars before I called you Lars, but I called you Lars anyway - which brings me back to the aforementioned idiocy, and my own slow unraveling. Regardless, if we meet again, I'll get it straight. Promise.

"In the meantime, this will likely endure as my favorite botched encounter for a very long time."

You can read more here if you're interested.

UPDATE: Jame Hetfield has now issued this:

"No sweat, Mike Rowe, I was the one who was buggin' you. Looked like you and your loved ones were trying to have a quiet meal. Much respect to you and what you do... and I sure remember the hair of the dog days."

During an April 10 show in Toronto, Ontario, The Story So Far frontman Parker Cannon had a swift reaction to a female who climbed up on stage to take a selfie -- he booted her right back into the crowd. Thankfully, the video is below (fast forward to 30 seconds).

Assuming the girl wasn't injured, this is even better than Jordan Buckley's famed cellphone karate kick.

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[via ThePRP]

Tim Lambesis inmate ID for sale

Tim Lambesis, founder and frontman of defunct metalcore act As I Lay Dying, has been imprisoned at the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) in Norco, California since July 2014. If this is news to you, welcome back to Earth, and start catching up here.

Anyway, curiously, a "Tim Lambesis Inmate ID" is now for sale via eBay with a starting bid of $500. The seller claims to have been incarcerated with Lambesis:

"Tim Lambesis is an American musician and producer, best known as the founding member and lead vocalist of American metal-core band As I Lay Dying. He was sentenced in May 2014 to six years for trying to hire a hit-man to murder his wife. Current owner (who wishes to remain anonymous) of this article was incarcerated with Tim and befriended him. When asked by Tim what he could do for his close friend (and self-claimed biggest fan!), this identification card was given to him by request. There is only one like it... outside of prison, that is."

Well, now you know.

Despite what Whitechapel guitar player Alex Wade intimated to Revolver, the band's forthcoming album won't feature any clean singing, at least according to Whitechapel's other guitarist, Zach Householder (see below). Whatever. I guess their fans can stop freaking out now.

UPDATE: This is getting irritating, but now vocalist Phil Bozeman had this to say. I trust he would know.

Nick Jonas has about as much to do with metal as atomic energy has to do with fingernails, but this is just too amazing not to share. The footage below comes from Nick Jonas' performance with Kelsea Ballerini this weekend at the 2016 ACM Awards. Jonas kicks off his guitar solo at about 30 seconds in, and everything begins well enough, but then...

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FYI, if you'd like to add this sweet solo to your repertoire, the video below should help.

[via Metal Injection]

It's Sunday, and there's not much going on in the metal world at the moment. So, we've uploaded a few tracks from Connecticut act Shadow of Intent to our YouTube channel for you to check out. Click the play button the video below and enjoy, revolt, shake your head, whatever... at least you listened to something new today.

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If you do like what you hear, check out a few more of their songs on YouTube.

Disturbed singer David Draiman angry at woman for texting during show

This week Disturbed frontman David Draiman interrupted a show to berate a woman for texting during the band's set. The incident took place on March 23 in Dallas, TX. You can check out the video below.

I get that it can be frustrating when you're performing and people ignore you. But you're a big boy (I think?). You're also supposed to a professional. Just do your job. She paid for a ticket, right? If she wants to waste her money, so be it. And what if she was having a serious conversation about a medical emergency or something. Let's face it, she was probably screwing around on Snapchat, but whatever, David Draiman, get over it. Do you really need to call her out in front of hundreds of people? Take your righteous indignation and file it away with that bullshit you have on your chin. Oh, wah ah ah ah!

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