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The following blog is solely the work of Mr. Lambgoat himself. Nothing of consequence is likely to occur here, other than the innermost thoughts of an extremely ____ individual.

I know for a fact that like two people who read this site and listen to death metal used to be huge Limp Bizkit fans (you know who you are). So, as a favor to them, we're letting them know that a new Limp Bizkit song is available for download (you can stream it below). It's not half bad. It's all bad.

We're not exactly sure why, but Mastodon guitar player Brent Hinds has been carving a large penis out of wood as of late. Here's what said carving currently looks like:

Some clever soul took footage from the annual Gathering of the Juggalos festival and overdubbed narration from Morgan Freeman. The result is something... something... well, I don't know. I wish it was longer.

Rob Scallon continues to churn out some interesting metal videos (remember Binary Metal and "Raining Blood" via banjo?). Today, he's uploaded his ukulele and u-bass cover of the Cannibal Corpse song "Frantic Disembowelment." Check it out.

In late-2012, Terror frontman Scott Vogel created a bit of a stir in the hardcore world when he called The Ghost Inside a "bullshit band." Not long thereafter, The Ghost Inside vocalist Jonathan Vigil took responsibility for Vogel's ire, saying he "disrespected Scott and some of his friends."

Well, it seems that all is well between the two, because Vigil uploaded the photo below to Instagram earlier this month. We like happy endings!

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