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It doesn't seem like the safest thing to do, but a man was spotted crowd surfing in a wheelchair two days ago during a Parkway Drive show in North Carolina. I could be mistaken, but I think he falls out of the wheelchair at about 35 seconds. You can have a look here:

I mean, it's cool that the guy was doing his thing, but wheelchairs just don't seem to mix well with metalcore and moshing. Then again, wheelchair crowd surfs can end badly at any type of show (see below).

That guy (Anthony Vincent) from that website (YouTube) who does the cover things ('Ten Second Songs') is back, and he's tackled the Adele hit, "Hello," in 25 styles, including Deftones, Dimmu Borgir, and Alice In Chains. You can watch below, curse us below, both, or neither.

The Ghost Inside Gofundme $130,000

Created shortly after The Ghost Inside was involved in a fatal head-on collision four days ago, a benefit Gofundme campaign has now raised roughly $130,000 for the band and those involved in the accident. Over 3,000 people have donated to the cause, including a large handful of other bands, industry people, and music-related entities. Honestly, it's truly impressive to see the outpouring of support from so many people.

If you're curious, some of the notable donations can be found below (identity of names assumed, not verified).

United Talent Agency - $5,000
Chris Day (Norma Jean) - $250
Tim Borror (booking agent) - $250
Kingstar Music (booking agency) - $500
Metaltown/Westcoast Riot (festival) - $500
King 810 - $2,000
Outerloop Management - $250
Man Overboard - $100
Forevermore - $75
Parkway Drive - $5,000
This Will Destroy You - $250
The Wonder Years - $1,500
Pvris - $500
UNFD (record label) - $1,000
Will Putney (producer, musician) - $100
Jay Weinberg (drummer) - $100
Griffin Landa (The Acacia Strain) - $150
Wage War - $100
Hundredth - $1,000
Sam Huff (He Is Legend) - $100
First Fleet Concerts - $2,500
Iwrestledabearonce - $400
Dangerkids - $250
Dave Shapiro (booking agent) - $3,000
HeartSupport Inc. - $500
Aaron Marsh (designer) - $300
Shawn Keith (management) - $100
Andrew Hurley (Fall Out Boy) - $500
Scott Vogel (Terror) - $75
Letlive - $500
Jared Dines (YouTube personality) - $350
Narrow Hearts - $50
Attila - $100
Andrew Mikhail (Defiler, ex-Oceano) - $50
Chris Hornbrook (Poison The Well) - $50
Misery Signals - $300
Josh James (Stick To Your Guns) - $500
Real Friends - $1,000
Jeffree Star - $5,000
Taylor Young (Moria) - $100
Atreyu - $500
Derek Youngsma (Bleeding Through) - $100
Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records) - $250
Aaron Patrick (All That Remains) - $200
This Wild Life - $500
Impericon (merchandise, booking) - $500
Intervals - $100
In Hearts Wake - $100
Bring Me The Horizon - $10,000
Architects - $1,000

Say what you want about Bring Me The Horizon, but this morning the British rock band donated $10,000 to a Gofundme campaign set up to benefit The Ghost Inside and those involved in the band's fatal bus crash yesterday. Respect.

Bring Me The Horizon help out The Ghost Inside

Rob Scallon has just debuted a new track he wrote using only one fret. Don't be fooled though; this isn't the 0101011000 djent song you're expecting, but something more traditional.

I have no idea why, but a uniformed police officer appeared on-stage with Vital Remains at the band's show in Sanford, FL on Friday, November 13 to help introduce "Dechristianize." He may or may not still be employed as a policeman. For the record, he still SHOULD have a job, but in close-minded and uptight America, I could see some asshole making an issue out of this.

UPDATE: The police officer has been fired.

The video below is from today's Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House. File this under things you never thought you'd hear the President of the United States say.

(note: the Korn mentions occur at 45 seconds and 1:15, respectively)

hardcore cupcakes

11/10/2015 4:55:07 PM PT   comments [10]
Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes

Official press release:

The winners of Food Networks' Cupcake Wars are at it again. This time, owners and creators, Jeremy and Nicole Braddock are bringing their award winning Hardcore Sweet cupcakes, baked goods and custom ordered cakes to Manchester, CT. with a grand opening celebration on Friday, November 13th.

Located right inside the Shoppes at Buckland Hills Mall in Manchester (near JC Penney and Yankee Candle), Hardcore Sweet felt the need to bring the hardcore sweetness to this area of Connecticut to service customers there locally and continue to spread the word about their brand.

"We chose Manchester because we wanted to be in a different section of the state. We will have about 15 flavors daily to choose from that will be our staples at this mall location, and then we will run specials and seasonal flavors monthly that will rotate." states co-owner, Jeremy Braddock.

With roots in the Hardcore/Punk scene, Jeremy and Nicole created a business model that started with their home kitchen, one cupcake truck and enthusiasm to create delectable treats with this genre of music in mind. With over 115 flavors and counting, they have developed the most incredibly tasting cupcake, no matter which one you try.

"Our roots will always start from the Hardcore/Punk scene, and I think a lot of our following knows us from that. We had to show some Hardcore Pride by honoring some of our favorite bands (and flavors) by putting them on the Manchester menu. Some include: Hatebreed (Peanut Butter Perseverance), Madball Mounds, Gorilla Biscuits (Vegan Banana and Peanut Butter), Clobbering Lime (for Sick of it All)."

The Manchester location will give fans of Hardcore Sweet along with new discoverers a local outlet to get their fix, but a chance to also plan creative options for their own events. Ranging from weddings, events, parties, and corporate functions, these can be catered or have the vehicles visit on-site.

"We see this as a great location to market our truck and caboose, and have people think of us for their next big corporate event or wedding. We are still a fairly new business, and we are lucky enough to keep growing and getting offered to do some great events. We like to think outside the box, and we want to be memorable for everyone that walks through the mall. Hardcore Sweet is Crazy to Classy, we do it all. We are beyond cupcakes."

To learn more about Hardcore Sweet visit their website at www.hardcoresweetcupcakes.com or either location.

Yesterday, Tool guitarist Adam Jones took to Instagram to share an old photo of he, Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne, and Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton on an unidentified log flume ride. There's not much else to say, other than, this is a great photo. If it were on a t-shirt, I'd wear it.

Melvins Tool Faith No More Fantomas log flume

Orange Amplifiers recently put out a comedy short to promote their Micro Dark guitar amp.

"When Bobby receives a Micro Dark for Christmas he begins dreaming big...too big. Will he come back to reality or will he lose himself in the vices of a rock n' roll lifestyle?"

The video features Brent Hinds of Mastodon and Juan Montoya of Killer Be Killed and can be seen here:

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