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This is strange, but the world is a strange place. Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza, who played with the band from 1989 until 1998, has posted footage of what he believes is a UFO. The video was captured earlier this month outside Menza's Studio City, CA home.

Menza explained: "I was standing in my front yard with my two boys and this is what we saw. [It had] the shape of a triangular object with rounded tips glowing yellow and white. Not sure what it is, but it looked totally awesome."

Here's the video:

When I was a young pup, I was a huge Primus fan. I haven't listened to them in many years (save for breaking out Frizzle Fry every so often), but drummer Tim Alexander remains one of my favorite drummers. So I was bummed this morning to find out that the 49 year-old Alexander apparently suffered a heart attack this week and is scheduled for open heart surgery in a few days. The news comes courtesy of Puscifer (via ThePRP), with whom Alexander has previously collaborated:

"Calling All Cars! Rough news. Tim Alexander suffered a heart attack. Open Heart Surgery on Mon/Tues. Global Positive Thoughts, Por favor. @Puscifer We need our Herb the Ginseng Drummer aka Peter Merkin alive and thieving."

I sincerely hope that all goes well.

You never know what random gem will turn up on YouTube, and the video below is no exception. It's not nearly as effective as this Meshuggah related video, but I think it's worth sharing.

(We've covered what we consider to be dumb band t-shirts before, including one from this very band, so why stop now?)

Earlier today, I Declare War advertised a shirt via Facebook which they called their "OD Chris Farley shirt." As you can see via the graphic below, the front shows a death scene photo of late comedian Chris Farley while the back says, "Even the greats die alone."

I Declare War Chris Farley shirt

I don't know. While some rebellious teenagers might wear something like this, do they even know who Chris Farley is? Meanwhile, I'd like to think that older metal fans would pass on this one. For me, the comment from one Ryan Cobern on the band's Facebook page (below) sums it up nicely.

Chris Farley shirt fan reaction

Apparently, Full Of Hell already used this same photo on a t-shirt too, so we can't even call it original.

Former Testament bassist, Greg Christian, who was ousted from the band earlier this year, continues to post Facebook messages explaining how he feels he's been treated unfairly by the other members of the band. Earlier today, Christian revealed that he earned roughly $38,000 (before taxes) performing live with Testament in 2013, which he calls "cruel and unusual." Here are his full comments:

I know last week I said I'd talk about a band meeting that happened in São Paulo - I don't care anymore - I'm done airing the ridiculous, and (believe it or not lol) I'm saying my final peace here - I could go on for as many years as I was back in Testament with stories of being slighted, lies, and greed, but my only real point or complaint is about live performance money. I don't own any part of the records or anything else and don't really care. But to use my name and likeness, as an original member, along with a 'recognizable personality' (for lack of a better term) on stage, along with what I actually brought to the stage, pretty consistently (just look at YouTube) and refuse to give me anything other than the beyond ridiculous deal of NOTHING EVER of show money - though I went through all the shitty travel, and all the other 'downsides' to everything, and had my face on the ads, did all the meet n greets, signings, and everything else - is simply wrong. Everything else aside - I worked for and earned, at least some kind of piece of that. That's undeniable. And I'd've been happy with a much smaller piece than I felt I was worth. But not zero.

I believe it's personal. Directed solely at me. And I think there's a high likelihood it's a direct result of words I spoke back in '96 - though not very tactful, I wasn't exactly wrong about. And to push a petty grudge like that to this point is something I just can't understand. I would never do that to someone I hated, but to do that to someone you spent 20 years on the road with and helped you get where you are??? In my humble opinion (for whatever it's worth) - that... that leaves me speechless - I just don't understand it.

FYI - for ALL the shows I played in 2013 and ALL the travel and ALL the time away from home and family - before taxes $37,775 - after taxes about $25k - with no PD's and our travel schedule that's actually more like about $21k - ya. that's reality - and considering the $$$ Testament brought in for live performances in 2013 - cruel and unusual - Thanks guys. Love you too.

I'll post a pic of my W2 in the comments. Don't want it to be the 1st thing people see, but if anyone has any doubts - there it is -

Anyway... I know I can be a long winded fuck but I finally said my peace... this signals an end to my three weeks of throw-up Thursdays. I don't know how anyone else even reads this shit. Makes me sick, but I had to let it out, and now that I have this summarized, it may be time to see what an attorney thinks... I dunno??? but I'm not holding my breath lol. anyway... on to new music...

Greg Christian W2

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