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If you're one of those people who enjoyed Atreyu's early material but stopped listening to them when they started abandoning metal and embracing rock, pay attention. In a new interview with Australian magazine Hysteria, Atreyu drummer Brandon Saller was asked to expound upon band frontman Alex Varkatzas' recent online declaration that the band's comeback album would feature "tons of screaming and shredding" but contain "none of that major-label BS."

Saller had the following to say:

"For us, there was never a situation of too many cooks in the kitchen when we moved to the major label. We have always been a band that experimented with new sounds and new styles, trying to expand on what we have already done. What Alex is saying with that 'no major-label bullshit' is the new music we've been toying with is unapologetically abrasive. There's nothing very radio about it. There's nothing pop about it.

"We're trying to get back to where we were when we first started the band; all we wanted to do was fucking destroy a 300-person-capacity club. We just want to go back to fast and heavy.

"We've written and recorded a few songs, and it's coming up awesome, but we are trying to keep our mouths shut on this."

"I'll say this much: it's very heavy, and a punch in the face for heavy metal fans."

Since the interview was conducted, Atreyu has officially entered the studio to begin tracking the aforementioned new album. Stay tuned.

Alright, enough about the drama involving Jared Dines and We Are Triumphant. Let's get back to the more amusing stuff, like some of Dines' videos. Last night he posted the one below, which features eleven different types of drummers playing some hit songs, mostly classic rock. My favorite is definitely "The Master of Anticipation" (aka The Ulrich).

if deathcore sounded happy

12/10/2014 10:22:30 AM PT   comments [17]
Can deathcore possibly sound happy? I don't know, but YouTube personality Steve Terreberry (aka Stevie T.) attempted to find out. He wrote a "normal" deathcore song, then transformed it into something else via scale and tuning changes. You can check out the perplexing results of his experiment below.

In a new interview with Music Review, Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn was asked about crowd interaction and moshing, particularly in light of Randy Blythe's 2012 arrest in the Czech Republic for the death of a concertgoer.

Fehn had this to say:

"Yeah, that was a very sad situation I'm friends with Randy, and it was an unfortunate event that happened. I know that he's not that type of person at all — he would never hurt anybody.

"I think, especially in America, moshing has turned into a form of bullying. The big guy stands in the middle and just trucks any small kid that comes near him. They don't mosh properly anymore. It sucks because that's not what it's about. Those guys need to be kicked out.

"A proper mosh pit is a great way to be as a group and dance, and just do your thing."

Personally, I wasn't moshing in the 80s, so I'm not sure what that was like. I did my fair share in the 90s though, and there were plenty of "bullies" in the pit then. I'm older than many of you, so I don't know what's hip now. Is it that bad? What exactly takes place in the pit during a The Acacia Strain show?

On Sunday, we gently called out record label We Are Triumphant for ripping a few of Jared Dines' popular YouTube videos and uploading them to the WAT Facebook page, all in an attempt to get Facebook likes for said page. It's now Tuesday, so we thought we'd check back in and see what's transpired in the interim.

Amidst the initial backlash, We Are Triumphant owner Greg Long maintained that there were no issues between him and Jared Dines.

We Are Triumphant says they and Jared Dines are cool with each other

Unfortunately, Long's characterization apparently wasn't entirely accurate, at least not if a subsequent Facebook post from Dines is to be believed:

Jared Dines calls out We Are Triumphant

So, We Are Triumphant offered Dines $100 to make three more videos? Interesting. Regardless of what was offered to whom, there was indeed some back and forth between WAT and Dines relative to a possible partnership between the two. Long responded to the above Facebook post from Dines with the following, in which he shows a screenshot with some stipulations from Dines. The conversation then gets a bit contentious, and the potential relationship appears to be dead in the water.

Greg Long and Jared Dines argume on Facebook

Despite the failed partnership, We Are Triumphant continues to benefit from Dines' videos, including the "10 styles of metal" video, which is now up to 4.2 million views through We Are Triumphant's Facebook post.

In fact, the aforementioned Dines video isn't even the most popular of the videos WAT ripped. That would this iPad drumming video, which has 4.6 million views via WAT's Facebook. Yes, it was another video Long ripped from YouTube and uploaded to Facebook. Only this time, its creator appears to live in Asia and probably isn't even aware of the video's repurposing.

Meanwhile, the We Are Triumphant Facebook page has now surpassed 92,000 likes. That's roughly 25,000 new likes since WAT's video ripping endeavor commenced. To be fair, Dines has benefited from the Facebook video posts as well, gaining a few thousand YouTube subscribers.

While defending himself against Dines' attacks, WAT and Long were on the hunt for more potential viral videos, asking San Francisco band High Society if he could upload their popular, albeit two-year old "Shit band guys say" video:

We Are Triumphant propositions High Society

High Society wasn't interested, as you can see above, but before they even responded, Long had uploaded their video anyway:

WAT rips video without permission

Not long after, High Society noticed and asked We Are Triumphant to remove the video. Long subsequently complied and deleted the video, but then tried again to get High Society to give him permission.

Long keeps working on High Society

Strangely, at some point soon after, Long re-uploaded the video to Facebook, and made a point to inform "trolls" that he had permission to do so (he obviously did not - update: Long gave me a screenshot which shows that High Society did briefly give him permission to post the video).

We Are Triumphant re-uploads High Society video

Fast forward a few hours and Long deleted the video yet again. What the fuck? I don't know the guy, but this is all very strange behavior (update - strange, but not as strange as I had first thought - see previous update).

Last night, We Are Triumphant was working on getting permission to upload other videos to the WAT Facebook:

We Are Triumphant working on new videos

One can't help but laugh at Long's perseverance.

Just so I'm clear, this isn't some witch-hunt directed at Long. He's obviously found and developed some popular bands. He's wisely put a lot of time and energy into social media and I can't fault the guy for lack of effort. Additionally, he's not entirely wrong about his posts being beneficial for both We Are Triumphant and people like Jared Dines. Dines definitely got some additional exposure. However, that's the way it should be; he did all the work. Meanwhile, Long ripped a video, uploaded it, and got a ton of value, all off Dines' back. It's not a fair partnership in the least. That's what upsets some people, particularly those who create YouTube videos for a living.

Alright, I'm done. Lol.

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