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Run With The Hunted "Silent Spring" song premiere

4/4/2014 9:23:42 AM

Arizona's Run With The Hunted debuts the first new track from their forthcoming LP.
Run With The Hunted

Later this spring Arizona hardcore/punk band Run With The Hunted will release a new full-length titled The Sieve and the Sand. Produced by Alex Estrada (Touche Amore, Nails), the new outing will officially hit streets on June 3rd via Panic Records.

When The Sieve and the Sand was originally announced several weeks ago, the album was described in this fashion: "Exploring a wider range of the emotional spectrum, both sonically and lyrically, than its predecessors, The Sieve And The Sand defies genre norms, displaying a maturity seldom realized in hardcore." From what we've heard thus far, that sounds about right.

You can now decide for yourself just how accurate that description is, because today we're happy to premiere "Silent Spring," the first new song unveiled from the album. Check it out, and if you're a Facebook person, keep up with the band there.

anonymous   posted 4/4/2014 12:44:22 PM
Sick as usual!

anonymous   posted 4/4/2014 1:03:29 PM
shit band, no care ever
anonymous   posted 4/4/2014 1:15:02 PM
this f*cking rules
anonymous   posted 4/4/2014 8:57:43 PM
Rad band! Great job!
anonymous   posted 4/5/2014 1:14:20 PM
gay band. Song eats a jillion dicks.
anonymous   posted 4/5/2014 4:18:13 PM
f*ckING AWESOME! Love this band. Great new song!
anonymous   posted 4/7/2014 4:10:35 PM
this is f*cking awesome.