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Freya 'Paragon of the Crucible' album stream

11/2/2013 7:05:53 AM

Lambgoat presents an exclusive stream of the brand new Freya full-length.
Freya album stream

Syracuse, NY metal outfit Freya have been together for more than ten years now. And yes, they are partly known for being led by Earth Crisis frontman Karl Buechner, but they've had a viable music career in their own right, releasing three albums with Victory Records.

On November 5th the band will release their fourth album, titled Paragon of the Crucible, via Holy Mountain Music/Deadlight Entertainment.

When they debuted one of the outing's song last month, Terrorizer described Freya's sound as "typified by huge, chunky riffs, liberal splashes of aggression and subtle hints of melody." We're inclined to agree. But don't take our word for it; stream the whole album right now below!

You can order the album online here. Be sure to keep up with Freya via Facebook.

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Through the Flame is the t-ts