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New Hardcore and Metal Releases

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This week's new releases:
10/27/2014Abysmal DawnObsolescenceRelapse Recordsbuy
10/27/2014As Blood Runs BlackGround ZeroStandby Recordsbuy
10/27/2014Hideous DivinityCobra VerdeUnique Leader Recordsbuy
10/27/2014MysticumPlanet SatanPeaceville Recordsbuy
10/27/2014Obisidian KingdomMantiisSeason Of Mistbuy
10/27/2014Pianos Become The TeethKeep YouEpitaph Recordsbuy
10/28/2014AnimalInstinctWe Are Triumphant Recordsbuy
10/28/2014AnnihilatedXIII Steps to RuinationUnique Leader Recordsbuy
10/28/2014At The GatesAt War With RealityCentury Media Recordsbuy
10/28/2014AtriarchAn Unending PathwayRelapse Recordsbuy
10/28/2014Beyond CreationEarthborn EvolutionSeason Of Mistbuy
10/28/2014DawnbringerNight Of The HammerProfound Lore Recordsbuy
10/28/2014Devin TownsendZ2Century Media Recordsbuy
10/28/2014Generation Of VipersCoffin WisdomTranslation Loss Recordsbuy
10/28/2014Giant SquidMinoansTranslation Loss Recordsbuy
10/28/2014NecrophagiaWhiteWorm CathedralSeason Of Mistbuy
10/28/2014Nero Di MarteDerivaeProsthetic Recordsbuy
10/28/2014ObituaryInked In BloodRelapse Recordsbuy
10/28/2014ObliterationsPoison EverythingSouthern Lord Recordsbuy
10/28/2014UnearthWatchers of RuleeOne Musicbuy
10/28/2014VesaniaDeus Ex MachinaMetal Blade Recordsbuy
10/28/2014WishWish EP6131 Recordsbuy
10/28/2014Wizard RifleHere In The DeadlightsSeventh Rule Recordingsbuy
10/31/2014HomewreckerCircle of DeathA389 Recordsbuy

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Latest Release Additions/Updates

12/24/2014  Ascension - The Dead of the World
1/27/2015  Napalm Death - Apex Predator - Easy Meat
1/27/2015  Angelus Apatrida - Hidden Evolution
10/28/2014  Animal - Instinct
10/27/2014  Pianos Become The Teeth - Keep You
10/27/2014  Obisidian Kingdom - Mantiis
10/27/2014  Hideous Divinity - Cobra Verde
10/27/2014  Abysmal Dawn - Obsolescence
1/27/2015  Black Sheep Wall - I'm Going To Kill Myself
10/28/2014  Vesania - Deus Ex Machina