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Upcoming Hardcore and Metal Releases

While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our upcoming releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.

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This week's new releases:
4/15/2014Admiral Sir Cloudesley ShovellCheck Em Before You Wreck EmRise Above Recordsbuy
4/15/2014Anti-MortemNew SouthernNuclear Blast Recordsbuy
4/15/2014BelowAcross The Dark RiverMetal Blade Recordsbuy
4/15/2014Breathe CarolinaSavagesFearless Recordsbuy
4/15/2014Cult LeaderNothing For Us HereDeathwish Inc.buy
4/15/2014Dead EndingDE IIIBridge Nine Recordsbuy
4/15/2014EmmureEternal EnemiesVictory Recordsbuy
4/15/2014EnthronedSovereignsAgonia Recordsbuy
4/15/2014I Declare WarWe Are Violent People By NatureArtery Recordingsbuy
4/15/2014KyngBurn the SerumRazor & Tiebuy
4/15/2014PolarShadowed By VulturesProsthetic Recordsbuy
4/15/2014The DripA Presentation of Gruesome PoeticsRelapse Recordsbuy
4/15/2014The OathThe OathRise Above Recordsbuy
4/15/2014TriptykonMelana ChasmataCentury Media Recordsbuy
4/19/2014GhoulHang TenTankcrimesbuy
4/19/2014Machine HeadKillers & Kings 10"Nuclear Blast Recordsbuy
4/19/2014V/AIn Utero: In Tribute: In EntiretyRobotic Empirebuy

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Latest Release Additions/Updates

6/10/2014  Pillory - Evolutionary Miscarriage
6/24/2014  ACxDC - Antichrist Demoncore
7/8/2014  The Hell - Groovehammer
5/13/2014  Torch Runner - Committed To The Ground
4/29/2014  Forgotten Tomb - Darkness in Stereo DVD
4/15/2014  The Oath - The Oath
4/15/2014  Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Check Em Before You Wreck Em
4/15/2014  Dead Ending - DE III
6/10/2014  The Amity Affliction - Let The Ocean Take Me
6/24/2014  Scars of Tomorrow - Failed Transmissions