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beatnic_johnson   posted 7/23/2010 12:22:46 PM
FROM HERE ON = one of the best Tribunal records ever. Also PFC, R@R, Azazel, and a few others. Your label was not shit.. f*ck the LG hipster retards.
ldr_hater_bjj5858   posted 1/12/2010 8:48:42 AM
exactly. rifles at recess. among many others. a label with one good band is better than Rise all day anyway. solid dude.
brassknuckleromance   posted 1/8/2010 12:21:54 PM
I remember the days of you hustling pfc and facedown cds outside of shows...its been a while since we''ve seen each other.
WakingTheCadaverSucks   posted 10/28/2009 2:39:06 AM
although you are responsible for releasing albums by good bands, as the dude below me listed...i can't help but feel like the ratio of good shit to the ungodly, terrible shit (School For Heroes, Liferuiner, He Is Legend, and of course the always painful to stomach KWD) that you shat out tends to lean towards the latter. props for running a label that was worth a goddamn at one point.
municipal_gayste   posted 9/21/2009 4:24:43 PM
thank you for releasing grievingthedaystocome, azazel, prayer for cleansing, rifles at recess, and eyes upon seperation. you are a good dude in my book f*ck the haters.

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