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anonymous 328 days ago

Statements from rick_tochett on this website: Dude I have been to far too many shows, gotten into too many fights, f*cked Tim Lambesis's 'Adonis Stature' too many times to even comprehend you beating the f*ck out of your keyboard to type your reply.Women of color LOVE Mayhem and no one can handle Tim's Alpha Masculine Status, must be hard to cum to that conclusion. I f*cked so many fat scene sl00t slampigs, my dick never looked bad. When was the last time you tried sucking your own dick? Is it gay? I am not gay! I have 3 cases of Playboys from the 1960s, and I'll pay to f*ck Lauren Boebert to prove it.The author of this article needs to be sued- I have lived in Florida going on 17 years and the only 'Disney' shit I have done at the House of Blues on Disney property. You couldnt pay me to walk into any of those parks. Skateboarders dont listen to metal.