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anonymous 185 days ago

U mad bro???? Packed house for a metal gig the night of Halloween. Multiple buffalo bands on the bill, you were at home eating Twix and trying to stream Halloween Kills on your Rocky but couldn't afford the $5 peacock subscription. Final Dec Again haven't played Buffalo in 4 months, multiple shows between the sets, but yeah they on every show bro. Lambgoat loser here too afraid to say anything in person so imma just troll online off my moms internet bill>>> Only dude who's mad is you bro. Packed house BWAHAHA Metal gig BWAHAHA bul lsh it. Fuc k Twix, Halloween Kills & Peacock. I would slap the sh it outta you in the real world - post your email toughguy - we can arrange. Final Declaration is garbage no one outside of Buffalo cares about to like. Again pull up so I can snack you silly.