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anonymous 229 days ago

Mark from Final Declaration is a bigot who thinks an ethnic slur Trump supporters use is funny when it's not and pussy who can't fight. He's also the classic case of an ultra-fake woke black person who posts Black Lives Matter, is racist towards white people, thinks that's good when it's not, then accuses you of being racist when you call him out for doing exactly what white people do to him: discriminate. Of course he'll say he plays in a band with three white guys, they're his friends, he has white friends...just like the white guy who says he has black friends blah blah blah. See a black man can never EVER be racist or bigoted to these far left wackos. I mean all those attacks on elderly Asian women by black men, they weren't motivated by race oh no (they were.) That's something the ultra-fake woke BLM crowd will never, ever confront or address. Spencer Chamberlain tweeted "ethnic slurs LOL" cuz they don't exist right? You POS. All good you & Final Declaration