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anonymous 225 days ago

If you've been a band for nearly 30 years and CANT fill a 500 cap room then you probably should have hung it up long ago. Regardless. All of those bands suck and I'd rather watch The Thrill over any band filled with a bunch of old men clinging onto a youth subculture >> The Thrill thus you would not exist without Earth Crisis you whiny disrespectul little sh it. So you're from Syracuse or around there. Oh so you must've been at the show Lukas from The Thrill put on there this past Friday right? Crown Of Thornz etc. Guess who came to the show? Karl from Earth Crisis. Did you come up to him then call him a 50 year old wheezy irrelevant boomer hasbeen who can't sell out a 500 cap room (when his band was the headliner on sold out 650 & 1000 cap room shows dipsh it)? Of course not & you most definitely wouldn't have said that to him with his friend Danny Diablo aka Lord Ezec standing next to him unless you wanted to learn to walk again for the next six months.