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anonymous 225 days ago

Wow, a 4 band package of legacy bands sold out a 500 cap venue, we should probably get the Guinness book of records on the phone >> Town Ballroom is at least 1000 capacity, Underground Arts 650 you fuc kin moron. Any 4 sh it bands who formed after 2015 you're into wouldn't even half fill Mohawk Place (smallest Buffalo live music room) at the height of their popularity - now go scramble for two locals & two out of town bands who could sell out Mohawk clown. But it's cool you acknowledged they're legacy bands. And it's three bands not four dumba ss. Only a total fu cking idiot like you would say they sold out 500 cap rooms like it's an insult LOL you fuc king loser. Your/your friend's shit band would give their left or right nut to draw even 200 paid a night for the rest of its stupid existence.