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anonymous 230 days ago

You know what I love about Lambgoat anonymous comments? The people chriping about them on Twitter with their "so many anonymous toughguys", "so many keyboard warriors" when absolutely NONE of them have been in a fight to beat up someone for shit-talking in their entire 5'6" tops 150 pounds tops lives. They won't admit it but they love it. It's actually a crowning achievement in their pathetic lives to be "roasted" on Lambgoat. No doubt to deflect the real pain they feel knowing that they're idiot bullshit artists and many Lambgoat commenters (save the ones rambling on about Trump, freedom, the vax, SJWs) can detect bullshit a mile away. These newfound quasi-politicals think they're above everyone when they're just like everyone else, just as ignorant and crass. They put BLM in their Twitter or Instagram bio and think they can be bigoted cuz "BLM."