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anonymous 230 days ago

Dude just shut up. I'm sure you have a twitter follower that would be interested in listening to your incoherent ramblings about whatever it is you're on about here - reverse racism (???), idk, but youre grasping at straws and embarrassing yourself >> Dude why don't you make me shut up? What I said (no "ramblings") was/is quite clear: Mark is a hypocrite & yes a reverse bigot since you want to type "reverse racism." So you're saying reverse racism is ok, got it, thanks. Fu ck off. Thing is, dumbass, I was talking about ETHNIC SLURS, not a black man being racist towards a white man. But keep trying & failing to spin this as me being racist. You & Mark (coward who can't come on here or all places LOL) are asshurt that I called out a black man for being a bigot. Cuz black man can't be bigots, too, right? Tell that to all the Asian Americans attacked by black men cuz they're Asian. Yeah we talkin real talk here right???