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anonymous 225 days ago

You have such little wit you literally scanned you're entire Rolodex of knowledge and called Mark "Erkel"(spelled wrong I might add) because it's the only black character in pop culture you can think of that wears glasses.>>> Nah it's the only one YOU can think of & it's hilarious. Erkel, Urkel same fuc kin thing, same f*ck in sap like Mark is. Hurl an ethnic slur about Italians or anyone else to my face Mark - you won't & never will cuz you're a fake toughguy who has his hipster like you minions do it for him here saying you're gonna kill me when you won't. Sucker. I called him Erkel cuz he looks like Erkel, no racial connotation & yeah I'm misspelling it when I know it's Urkel, go cry some more. Calling Cuomo "Mario" is an ethnic slur and juuusst what Trump supporters call him. You know those people who think Mark is a nxxxxx (like Trump thinks he's one.) And here's a BLACK MAN (again not a racial slur) using what Trump supporters use on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.