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anonymous 225 days ago

You have such little wit you literally scanned you're entire Rolodex of knowledge and called Mark "Erkel"(spelled wrong I might add) because it's the only black character in pop culture you can think of that wears glasses. And what's with calling it "Stand Alone Again" AS IF THERE ARENT MULTIPLE BANDS NAMED DEATH THREAT. YOU KNOW WHICH ONE IT IS MOTHER f*ckER. >> Look at you so tough typing IN CAPS and calling me a motherf*cker in them - the only thing you can/will do & what you'd never do to my face unless you wanted my fist in yours. What are you babbling on about Death Threat? I call them Stand Alone Again because these motherfuc kers are on 90% if not all Syracuse hardcore shows & it's weak, stupid & comes off like they & the promoter don't want to help or support any other Syracuse/area bands which exist. Lukas books Stand Alone Again way too much. It is hilarous that you think I'm getting on them for using a recycled name thus acknowledging that it could be 1 or thinking it is