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anonymous 230 days ago

Actually numbnut I referred to his race because he's a black man (not a racial slur) who decries racism, bigotry & violence from both in his bio (#BlackTransLivesMatter & #StopAsianHate) yet hurls an ethnic slur & promotes an ethnic stereotype Trump supporters hurl at Cuomo, that's what up. And since you want to talk about signifying he signified Cuomo as being a Mario because all Italian guys are named Mario like all Latino guys are named Jose right? Wrong. So he's a hypocrite as well as a bigot. Keep crying that I called him out & trying to turn it into me being the racist when I'm not. If you're black you don't say shit about Italians & vice versa. And I would be the first one to split a bottle over someone's head if I saw Mark (or any black person) getting jumped by a bunch of white guys because he's black (not a racial slur now right???) so you can STFD & STFU.