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anonymous 231 days ago

Hey Stupidass, I got news for you: Syracuse Hardcore is dead. It's exactly one band Stand Alone who blows & gets shows there only cuz they're the only band & they're down with Lukas, that's it. Syracuse is soooooo strong the 2021 NYD headliner was a reunion band from Toronto & this year's headliner is a reunion third tier late 90s-early 00s band from Connecticut. What's your fixation on Erie? Someone beat you up there or something? Erie is only 3-3.5 hours from Syracuse via Buffalo so hey why not have a band from there play Syracuse? That's actually how it used to & still should be done you clueless jackass. No one's making shit happen in Syracuse. It's a clique thus bullshit. Lukas is the promoter by default & he does a lousy job. Zero attempt to make it a regional destination. He books Crown Of Thornz some shit one word hype band from Cali, a Wilkes Barre PA band & wait for it...Stand Alone Again (what they should rename themselves.)