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anonymous 231 days ago

Hey Stand Alone Drummer, I check CuseHardcore on Twitter. Of the 4-5 shows Lukas has put on this year your band Stand Alone was on THREE of them including Crown Of Thornz & NYD (third one Dare), so you're a liar. You haven't turned down shows, you've played almost every single fuc king one of them (like pre-pandemic) & it's total bullsh it. Like your other band Final Declaration plays every fuc king hardcore show in Buffalo which is also total bullsh it. You & your bands are self-promoting show hogs. You the only bands in Syracuse & Buffalo? No, I'm not in a band but what if I was? Hogs. Stop putting your bands on every show shit's weak & annoying. Even Earth Crisis, Another Victim, The Promise etc. or their friends who did all the shows in Syracuse back in the day didn't do that.