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anonymous 226 days ago

Just wanna say that this is only half of the line-up, with the rest to be announced. I drum for Stand Alone and live in Buffalo, but have always had love and respect for Syracuse. I play each show because I get asked to. There have been shows I turned down for the group in the area for sake of giving the spotlight to another artist. How Lukas builds the NYD show is entirely up to him at this point. If there were more bands that were active in the scene, you best believe he would've hit them first before asking if we would play. Do I think he has friend bias at times? Of course, but then I remember who is truly active in 315, and it ain't any of you bozo f*cks who post anonymously on Lambgoat. You think we didn't think of asking EC? There's more to be announced so stick tight and stay tuned. Or don't, choice truly is yours. By show of hands, how many of you were at Crown of Thornz?