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anonymous 231 days ago

Hey man, you're the one who started having an anonymous meltdown in the comment section because people are out living their lives and not listening to you cry about your "won't somebody think of the children" Helen Lovejoy shit. If you're such a tough guy and stand behind it, why not take it up with them with your real name attached? Or better yet, show up at a show or do something about it? But you won't, because you're even more of a pussy than the cops, at least they sometimes catch people and put their asses on the line. You just cry on the internet about people not following your insane moral panic rules and then try to puff out your chest when someone tells you to f*ck off.>> Says the dude who won't give his real name or even a Gmail he could create in half a minute. Pussy. I pulled your card & the only person having a total meltdown is you with your longwinded defense made for brownie points, brown noser. How do you post with all that shit in your nostrils?