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anonymous 231 days ago

And of course I assume statements made without any evidence or independent verification are false, especially those that are hostile to the very concept of providing them. That's the basis of any rational society. If I wanted to be preached at about I have to believe something without evidence, I'd go to church, which I'm sure you're fine with, since all of you dorks are always kids trying to hide you got into this shot through UnderOath anyway. >> Accusations can be & sometimes are true. In most cases, specifically in hardcore/metalcore the perpetrators admit to it or just go away so there aren't worse repercussions. That's what Regulate drummer boy did by making a public statement admitting to it, dork. But keep kissing ass, ass. Again he's lucky she didn't go to the police is all, he knows it, I know it, you know it & are too stupid & proud to admit that.