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anonymous 231 days ago

can anyone go into explicit detail on what the drummer of regulate did and why he should be cancelled? >> Btw it's not about him being "cancelled" it's about him being held accountable for his actions & quite frankly being kicked off exactly ONE show for what he did (Back To School Jam 2016) is not a cancellation or holding him accountable, it's a slap on the wrist. Why just that show? Where was Regulate's statement on what he himself admitted to doing publicly? Nowhere cuz they're his boy & he's their boy & who else is gonna drum for these losers I guess is what they figured? This scumbag shouldn't been thrown out of Regulate & banned not cancelled from the hardcore scene years ago in 2016, but here he is a half-decade later still playing shows, fests & tours as if nothing happened. That's wack!