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anonymous 231 days ago

can anyone go into explicit detail on what the drummer of regulate did and why he should be cancelled? >> He sexually assaulted a girl, admitted he did that in a public statement on a website (link in the previous comment), and not only suffered no consequences for it, but has played shows, fests & tours regularly ever since. Because hardcore is full of enablers, di ckriders, social climbers, as skissers, scumbags & people who do the same thing this lowlife did & probably still does. He'll say he's changed for the better based on what? What has he done? Not forced himself on any more women? Which he should not get a medal for cuz you don't force yourself on a woman to say you won't anymore. The hardcore scene from Joe Hardcore to the United Blood Fest to promoters from Boston to Florida including these Syracuse Scumbags have given this fu ckface a pass. He even drums for No Pressure with the dude from The Story So Far.