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anonymous 232 days ago

This New Year's Day show is even weaker than last year's. LOL @ Death Threat as the headliner & named after a Linkin Park song wannabe pop punk sellout One Step Closer supporting. DT didn't even headline a Syracuse NYD show or Syracuse show period in their "heyday" (1998-2004.) SMH @ Stand Alone playing this show & just about every hardcore show in Syracuse cuz a member or two puts on all the shows in the city. I mean yeah your shows but putting your band on every show or 90% of them is weak as sh it - give other local/area bands a chance. You're not getting bigger by doing that. No Earth Crisis or The Path Of Resistance again, no real Syracuse NYD show. EC too good to play it or something? Done once for all? At least TPOR hasn't been a gigging band for years & never really played out much so they get a pass.