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Concert reopening guide prohibits moshing and crowd surfing

crowd surfing The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide, a new collective work created by industry professionals and intended to serve as event guidance in the COVID-19 era, strongly calls for the prohibition of moshing and crowd surfing as the concert industry reopens. Edited by Steven A. Adelman, Vice President, Event Safety Alliance, and released yesterday (May 11), the 29-page document includes the following stipulation with regard to general admission events:
"A few obvious changes will be necessary whenever GA events do reopen. Patrons cannot all stand at the front of the stage like they are accustomed; moshing and crowd surfing are violations of social distancing per se and must be absolutely prohibited during this pandemic; even hallways and smoking areas where patrons congregate will have to be monitored to enforce health policies."
The full list of proposed guidelines can be read here.

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