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Jamie's Elsewhere to reunite for shows in 2020

Tuesday, December 24, 2019 8:25 AM PT

Defunct post-hardcore/metalcore band Jamie's Elsewhere will reunite in 2020 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their They Said a Storm Was Coming album (released in February 2010 via Victory Records).

Former vocalist Aaron Pauley (now with Of Mice & Men) had the following to say:

"My firstborn turns 10 next year. At the time, all that mattered was the connection that I felt when singing these songs to the people that went out of their way to seek that same connection. We weren't a blessed band in regard to the scene. We weren't connected in the way a lot of bands were through agents and managers. We didn't get the sick packaged tours, so we headlined our own. We paid out of pocket to go on every tour we did. We struggled. We spent a lot of nights in the van, cold, hungry, figuring out how to get to the next venue with what little gas money we had.

"At the height of our album cycle, our gear was stolen and Victory Records refused to help us get back on our feet. All those things, the good times and bad, taught me not only a lot about the industry, but moreover to really appreciate and seize the opportunities I'm given in life.

"Joining Jamie's Elsewhere, and later Of Mice & Men, are perfect examples of that. I'm grateful to my Jamie's Elsewhere bandmates for that opportunity back in '08. It changed my life. This album and band are where I learned the ways of the road, and what it means to give everything for your dreams, no matter how dead-end they may seem.

"Next year marks a decade. It's only fitting that we honor these songs in the environment where they most mattered to myself, my bandmates, and to our fans: the stage. Stay tuned. #TSASWC2020"

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