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Demon Hunter to release two new albums in March

Monday, December 3, 2018 9:28 AM PT

Demon Hunter War and Peace

Seattle, Washington metal/metalcore band Demon Hunter has announced the impending release of two new full-length albums. The albums are titled War and Peace, and both are scheduled to arrive on March 1 (pre-orders are live now). Each record's track listing can be found below.

War track listing:

01. Cut to Fit
02. On My Side
03. Close Enough
04. Unbound
05. Grey Matter
06. The Negative
07. Ash
08. No Place for You Here
09. Leave Me Alone
10. Lesser Gods

Peace track listing:

01. More Than Bones
02. I Don't Believe You
03. Loneliness
04. Peace
05. When the Devil Come
06. Time Only Takes
07. Two Ways
08. Recuse Myself
09. Bet My Life
10. Fear Is Not My Guide

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