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Machine Head trashes producer

Friday, October 13, 2000 2:22 PM PT

According to Machine Head's website, Ross Robinson is the "ass of the month". The band has seemingly taken issue with Robinson's remarks during an August interview with Metal-Is. During the interview, Robinson, who produced Machine Head's latest album, The Burning Red, had this to say about Machine Head: "...I'm so not into the rapping, the 808's and the funky shit that they did. I fought it the whole way, and it felt very wrong for me. Robb Flynn is very headstrong. Everybody sees me as the perpetrator, changing them, but that is total bullshit. I wish there was a videotape of the arguments we had. I don't wanna do that crap any more. There are some good moments on the Machine Head album, I think, but the Adidas rock thing, I'm so not down with that. I told Robb that I can't do the next record if there's any rapping, any sort of funky thing, space suits, you know?" Apparently Machine Head feels that Robinson was just trying to cover his own ass in light of the fact many critics weren't favorly impressed with the The Burning Red. In any case, the band has begun working on material for their fourth album. We suspect Robinson won't be producing this one.