War Of Ages news


7/9/2019War of Ages share new video
5/31/2019War of Ages premiere new single
12/11/2017War Of Ages has debuted a new video.
11/25/2017A new War Of Ages song is available online.
11/3/2017War Of Ages has debuted a new track.
10/12/2017War Of Ages has debuted the first new song from their upcoming album.
3/24/2015War Of Ages have released a music video for "Lionheart."
10/23/2014War Of Ages have premiered their new video for "Chaos Theory."
7/31/2014War Of Ages' new video for "From Ashes" is available online.
7/7/2014War Of Ages have debuted another new song.
3/30/2012War of Ages has posted a five-song teaser for their new album.
3/24/2012War of Ages has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.
4/22/2010War Of Ages' new album, "Eternal," debuted at #158 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 3,100.
3/23/2010War Of Ages has uploaded another new song.
3/11/2010War Of Ages has unveiled a track from their next Facedown Records release.
6/10/2008An audio clip of a song from War of Ages next album is now online.
7/24/2006A track from War Of Ages's upcoming album is now online.
7/17/2006War Of Ages has posted a song from their new album.


8/7/2018War Of Ages, Capsize, Ghost Key tour
1/11/2018War Of Ages, Convictions, Earth Groans tour dates
12/21/2017War Of Ages, Convictions, Earth Groans to tour North America
10/11/2017War Of Ages announces new album
1/24/2017Facedown Fest 2017 announced
2/4/2016Facedown Fest 2016 announced
7/1/2015The Hoodang Music Festival 2015 lineup takes shape
2/26/2015War Of Ages, Phinehas announce U.S. tour
2/9/2015Facedown Fest 2015 lineup announced
1/23/2015Texas Independence Fest 2015 lineup announced
1/20/2015War Of Ages tour (Japan)
11/23/2014Faith & Fire Festival lineup announced
10/15/2014Battlecross, Wretched, War Of Ages tour
6/6/2014War of Ages announce new album, debut new song
5/26/2014Oh Sleeper, He Is Legend, Maylene, etc. mini-tour
5/9/2014War of Ages, Beyond The Shore tour dates
1/14/2014War of Ages, Saving Grace, Mouth of the South tour
1/10/2014Facedown Fest 2014 lineup announced
10/4/2013War Of Ages, Those Who Fear, Phinehas tour
1/16/2013Facedown Fest 2013 announced
5/22/2012War Of Ages, Onward To Olympas, Leaders tour
3/3/2012War of Ages to release new album in April
5/12/2011Scream The Prayer 2011 tour dates
4/5/2011Facedown Records re-signs War of Ages
1/25/2011Facedown Fest 2011 announced
12/15/2010Times Of Grace announces first-ever tour
10/7/2010Winds Of Plague, After The Burial, Carnifex tour
8/30/2010War Of Ages, Legend, Contortionist, etc. tour
4/22/2010As I Lay Dying, Underoath, BTBAM, etc. tour
3/12/2010As I Lay Dying, Demon Hunter, War Of Ages tour
12/16/2009Living Sacrifice, War Of Ages, Shai Hulud tour
5/24/2009Earth Crisis, War Of Ages tour (Europe)
5/18/200910 for $10 hardcore summer tour
2/23/2009War Of Ages, Wrench In The Works tour dates
1/23/2009War Of Ages, Destroy The Runner tour
1/7/2009War Of Ages seeks fans for video shoot
7/28/2008Hatebreed, Soilent Green, Emmure tour dates
7/4/2008Oh Sleeper, War Of Ages, etc. tour
12/13/2007As I Lay Dying singer producing War Of Ages
12/12/2007Throwdown, Soilwork, TTEOTD, War Of Ages tour
6/14/2007Torque Records launches metal imprint
6/7/2007Bleeding Through, War Of Ages dates
1/18/2007Scars Of Tomorrow, xDeathstarx, etc. tour
12/19/2006Terror, Warriors, All Shall Perish, etc. dates
12/13/2006Terror, The Warriors, All Shall Perish tour
10/28/2006Twelve Tribes, The Esoteric, Fjord tour dates
9/13/2006Remembering Never, Full Blown Chaos tour
9/5/2006Twelve Gauge Valentine, War Of Ages, etc. tour
5/11/2006Imperial, Alove For Enemies, War of Ages tour
3/1/2006War Of Ages and Bloody Sunday tour
1/25/2006War Of Ages and Hell Within tour
4/22/2005Society's Finest, Anam Cara, etc. tour
3/24/2005Strike First Records signs two bands