Tragic Hero Records news


6/22/2018Set Sights announce debut album, premiere new song
4/23/2018Tragic Hero Records signs Roseview
3/24/2018Tragic Hero Records signs Set Sights
1/5/2018Eternal Void sign with Tragic Hero, premiere single
4/18/2017Northern Ghost sign with Tragic Hero, premiere song
3/27/2017Tragic Hero Records signs Aethere
12/17/2016The Northern sign with Tragic Hero, premiere song
12/11/2016Tragic Hero Records signs I Set My Friends On Fire
3/16/2016Pathways sign with Tragic Hero Records, premiere video
3/14/2016Tragic Hero Records signs Earthists
3/12/2016Keyes sign with Tragic Hero Records, premiere song
2/26/2016Tragic Hero Records signs Vesuvius
1/20/2016In Dying Arms sign with Tragic Hero, premiere song
1/13/2016Tragic Hero Records signs Save Us From The Archon
11/16/2015Tragic Hero Records signs Wearing Thin
8/12/2015The Afterimage sign w/ Tragic Hero, debut new song
5/26/2015Tragic Hero Records signs Outlands
6/30/2014Tragic Hero Records signs Set To Stun
6/17/2014He Is Legend announce new album, debut new song
5/13/2014Tragic Hero Records signs Illuminate Me
2/17/2014Tragic Hero Records signs Invent, Animate
1/8/2014Tragic Hero Records signs Nevada Rose
7/17/2013A Skylit Drive album set for release
6/3/2013Tragic Hero Records signs Strawberry Girls
10/28/2012Greeley Estates leaves label, debuts new song
6/13/2012Everyone Dies In Utah album set for release
10/19/2011Tragic Hero Records signs Sirens and Sailors
9/18/2011Tragic Hero Records signs A Faylene Sky
6/8/2011Tragic Hero signs Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
4/1/2011Tragic Hero Records signs In Other Words
3/16/2011Tragic Hero Records signs Crossfaith
1/19/2011Tragic Hero Records signs Delusions
8/30/2010Tragic Hero signs Armor For The Broken
7/30/2010Tragic Hero Recs signs Everyone Dies In Utah
7/5/2010Tragic Hero Recs signs Lions Tigers Bears
6/24/2010Tragic Hero Recs signs Eyes Like Diamonds
5/1/2010Tragic Hero Records signs We Are Defiance
11/30/2009Tragic Hero Records signs Letlive.
6/18/2009Tragic Hero Recs signs This Romantic Tragedy
4/28/2009Tragic Hero Records signs Confide
4/16/2009He Is Legend signs with Tragic Hero Records
12/28/2008Tragic Hero Recs signs To Speak Of Wolves
9/17/2008Telescreen (ex-Codeseven) signs w/ Tragic Hero
7/3/2007Called To Arms signs w/ Tragic Hero Recs
5/12/2007Tragic Hero Records signs Yosemite Mudflap
11/2/2006Tragic Hero signs Ghost of a Fallen Age
10/17/2006Knives Exchanging Hands signs with Tragic Hero
10/10/2006Tragic Hero Records signs From Graves of Valor