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Toxic Holocaust

10/17/2023 Toxic Holocaust to receive 20th anniversary issue of 'Evil Never Dies'
3/15/2023 Toxic Holocaust & Havok announce U.S. co-headlining tour, I AM and Hammerhedd to support
3/17/2022 Darkest Hour announce 'Deliver Us' anniversary tour dates with Zao, Bloodlet, Toxic Holocaust
11/22/2019 Soulfly announce North American tour with Toxic Holocaust
9/5/2019 Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, Enforcer to tour Europe
8/13/2019 Toxic Holocaust announce new album, premiere song
6/25/2019 Gwar, Sacred Reich, Toxic Holocaust tour
4/24/2019 Toxic Holocaust sign with Entertainment One
2/11/2019 Northern Alliance 2019 festival announced
1/15/2019 Integrity, Toxic Holocaust, All Out War tour dates
12/14/2018 Modified Ghost Festival 2019 takes shape
8/7/2018 Municipal Waste, High On Fire to co-headline tour
5/3/2018 Dying Fetus announces tour of Europe, UK
1/18/2018 Hells Headbangers signs Chainbreaker
5/30/2017 Venom Inc, Goatwhore, Toxic Holocaust tour announced
4/24/2017 Full Terror Assault 2017 announced
12/6/2016 Nails, Toxic Holocaust, Gatecreeper tour
7/7/2016 Discharge, Eyehategod, Toxic Holocaust tour rescheduled
3/15/2016 Discharge, Eyehategod, Toxic Holocaust tour dates
7/30/2015 Toxic Holocaust, Lord Dying announce U.S. tour
6/23/2015 Toxic Holocaust tour (Australia)
4/6/2014 Toxic Holocaust cancels tour of Australia
4/1/2014 Black Tusk tour (Europe)
12/12/2013 Toxic Holocaust, Exhumed, Ramming Speed tour
11/21/2013 Skeletonwitch, Toxic Holocaust tour (Australia)
11/18/2013 Toxic Holocaust, Exhumed tour (Europe)
10/16/2013 Toxic Holocaust, Ramming Speed tour dates
10/9/2013 Toxic Holocaust, Ramming Speed, In Defence tour
8/15/2013 Toxic Holocaust to release new album in October
7/2/2013 Toxic Holocaust completes new album
3/9/2013 Municipal Wastes launches Toxic Revolution ale
2/7/2013 Toxic Holocaust to release compilation, new album
4/6/2012 Toxic Holocaust, Midnight tour dates
4/2/2012 Toxic Holocaust tour (Europe)
1/25/2012 The Casualties, Toxic Holocaust tour
12/1/2011 Toxic Holocaust tour (Australia)
10/5/2011 English Dogs, Casualties, Toxic Holocaust tour
9/29/2011 Kvelertak, Doomriders, etc. dates (Europe)
9/19/2011 Toxic Holocaust releases benefit split w/ Midnight
6/22/2011 Toxic Holocaust, Holy Grail tour
6/17/2011 Toxic Holocaust, Trap Them, etc. tour (Europe)
4/21/2011 Toxic Holocaust album set for release
1/11/2011 Toxic Holocaust completes new album
12/9/2010 Toxic Holocaust recording new album
10/20/2010 Toxic Holocaust prepares new album
9/7/2010 Danzig, Possessed, Marduk, Withered tour
4/4/2010 Toxic Holocaust tour dates
10/27/2009 BDM, Toxic Holocaust stir up controversy
9/20/2009 Goatwhore, Toxic Holocaust, Skeletonwitch (Europe)
8/20/2009 BDM, Skeletonwitch, Trap Them, etc. tour
7/30/2009 Satyricon, Bleeding Through, etc. tour
4/15/2009 Toxic Holocaust shoots new video
4/15/2009 Toxic Holocaust tour dates (Canada)
2/13/2009 Napalm Death tour dates announced
2/6/2009 Napalm Death, Kataklysm, Trap Them, etc. tour
8/8/2008 Gwar, Kingdom Of Sorrow, Toxic Holocaust tour
5/15/2008 Toxic Holocaust enters studio
3/10/2008 Overkill, Warbringer, Toxic Holocaust tour
12/22/2007 Relapse Records signs Toxic Holocaust
8/28/2007 Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, etc. tour
7/31/2007 Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, etc. tour

News Tidbits
2/27/2020 Toxic Holocaust release new video
3/9/2016 Davie Allan and Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) are streaming their new split EP.
10/22/2013 Toxic Holocaust's upcoming album can now be streamed in its entirety.
8/30/2013 Toxic Holocaust has posted a trailer for their forthcoming album.
8/26/2011 Toxic Holocaust has debuted their new video for "Judgement Awaits You."
7/18/2011 The new Toxic Holocaust album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
6/2/2011 Another new Toxic Holocaust song is now online.
5/4/2011 Toxic Holocaust has uploaded a new song.
8/11/2008 Toxic Holocaust has uploaded another track from their upcoming release.
6/29/2008 Two songs from Toxic Holocaust's forthcoming Relapse Records release are online.
1/21/2008 A track from Toxic Holocaust's new split 7" with Bludwulf is now online.

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